Location- Bargewright

Frontier town near Womford, home to the Ironwrought.



The info found here represents the sum total of what the adventurers know about Bargewright.

Frontier town, well defended with concentric walls- a rough and tumble place with four times as many four-legged creatures present as those that walk on two legs. Stinks of shit.

Home to the Bargewright Inn, and lots of stockyards and associated industries to breed, trade, butcher and otherwise horses and cattle.

Ruled by Lord Thaelond.


Also home to the Ironwrought competition- three days which mark the end of the year when all inhabitants of the Valley (regardless of race) can come together in peace to compete for the mantle of the Ironwrought. Three days of compettitons, starting with Bull Riding (this year), onto UNKNOWN, followed by some sort of fight.

Also home to the Ironwrought market for the occasion, lots to see and do, and to buy and sell.


Location- Bargewright

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