Location- Red Larch

Town on the Long Road, Dessarin Valley



The info found here represents the sum total of what the adventurers know about Red Larch.

Red Larch is on the Long Road in the Dessarin Valley, ideally situated as a way point for merchants looking to head in all directions of the compass. The small town specialises in manufacturing carts, quarrying and chicken production.

The chatter is all is well in Red Larch, the citizens seem content.

Areas of Interest-

1. Allfaiths Shrine. Shrine dedicated to all of the common (Good) deities of Faerun, run (atm) by a young (and beautiful Acolyte of Sune and Imdarr, Priest of Tempus- “TEMPUS!”. Imdarr is also a member of the Gauntlet.

2. The Swinging Sword Inn. Slightly upmarket roadside Inn with good facilities, including stable and running water- nice ale also, the food ain’t good. Stablemaster- Iraun, serving wench- Ghilee (last seen in Ken Lee’s bed) and owner- Kayleesa; all good people.

3. The Helm at Highsun. Locals style tavern, needs a clean and tidy- very good food, hearty fare.

4. Mother Yalantha’s. Three-story boarding house for itinerants- always busy.

5. Thelorn’s Safe Journeys. Wagon manufacture and repairs, also sells horses, a classy joint.

6. Chansyrl Fine Harness. Sells leather goods of all variety- proprietor Phaendra Chansyrl looks good in her leathers.

7. Helvur Tarnlar, Clothier. Fine clothing- all the fashions from Waterdeep.

8. Lorren’s Bakery. Try the Cheese & Mushroom pasties- they’re fantastic. Owned and run by Mangobarl Lorren.

9. Tantur Smith. Busy smithy.

10. Drouth Fine Poultry. Chicken shop.

11. Ornra Butchers. Run by Jalessa Ornra with her husband Constable Harburk, the town deputies also work here.

12. Dornen Finestone. Quarry.

13. Ironhead Arms. Sells second hand arms and armour.

14. Mhandyver Poultry. Chicken shop, owned by Minnie Mhandyver and her extended family.

15. Haeleeya’s Dress Shop & Baths.

16. Waevlur’s Wagonworks. Wagon manufacture and repairs, also sells horses, a little rough.

17. Gaelkur’s. Unofficial third Inn, barber and pawn shop. Gaelkur will buy most ‘precious’ things- no questions asked. A rough place.

18. Mellikho Stoneworks. Quarry.

19. Luruth’s Tannery.

20. Bethendur’s Sotrage. Upmarket storage depot- all neat and tidy, secure and well-managed.

21. The Market. Big market every tenday (30-40 stalls), small market most other days (2-8 stalls). Mostly sells local and farm produce.

22. Vallivoe’s Sundries. Glorified junk shop owned and operated by Endrith Vallivoe.


Location- Red Larch

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