Location- Triboar

Sword Coast City on the Long Road at the head of the Dessarin Valley




The info found here represents the sum total of what the adventurers know about Triboar.

Triboar on the Long Road and the Evermoor Way (to Yartar), a horse and cattle town that has found its feet and started to make money. The kind of town Phandalin wants to be- the sturdy stone walls and battlements have only just been completed, other civic works are in full swing to improve the services available to the citizens of the town, the entire place is undergoing a refurbishment- clearly trade is very good here, which may account for the prices.

The chatter is everything is good in Triboar, even the citizens seem content.

Areas of Interest-

1. The East Gate.

2. The Long Road Inn. An expensive hostelry serving fine ales and good food, the hospitality of the locals is to be recommended.

3. The Market Square. Large market with all manner of stalls selling lots of everything, watch out for the pickpockets..

4. Gable’s Stables. Secure lodging, but expensive, for the cart, Oxley the Oxen and Atlas. Proprietor is… Gable.

5. Oggnog’s Smithy. Manufactures all things metal- Oggnog is an expert metal-smith, the Dwarf went above and beyond to craft Grimm & Zyler’s faction badges.

6. Valtron’s Tower. A rickety old tower- three stories, that looks like it could fall down at any second. The look is not improved by the old washing draped around the building.

7. The Grande Shoppe. Sells everything, apparently.

9. The Nest. The Thieves’ quarter, slums and generally nastier (and grottier) part of town.

10. Trade Temple?

12. Home of the Boars Tavern. Country style tavern- upmarket, a gentle-persons establishment.

16. The Public Baths. 1gp gets you a soak, a rub down and use of the gymnasium- a lovely place to relax.


Location- Triboar

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