Location- Womford

Town on the Dessarin River, the oldest settlement in the Valley.



The info found here represents the sum total of what the adventurers know about Womford.

Womford is on the Dessarin River in the Dessarin Valley, ideally situated for all river trade into the valley, it is also the oldest settlement in the valley.

The chatter is all is well in Womford, the citizens seem content.

Areas of Interest-

1. Watchposts. The town is protected on all sides by watchposts- manned night and day, the town watch seems particularly well-trained and equipped to do their job.

2. The Green. Broad grassy field on which children play and markets are held.

3. The Town Speaker’s House. Home on Norro, the Town Speaker (Mayor).

4. The Green Apple. Locals pub, proprietor Tharrma, a large Dwarven matron- good local food and ale and comfy rooms.

5. Morlin’s Smithy. Morlin Coalhewer, a Dwarven master weapon and armour smith- he knows his stuff.

6. Shrine of Lathander. Run by Brother Derny.

7. House of Sertiernen the Wise. Home of Sertiernen, Halfling Wizard, and member of the Harpers- the local Wizard.

8. The Old Toll House. Town Hall and Guardhouse for the Womford Watch, run by Captain Soranna Anitah, an ancient keep-like building of Dwarven construction.

9. Womford Armoury. Secure tower containing arms and armour for the Womford militia, always guarded.

10. The Old Bridge Inn. Much larger and busier Inn- not always for the locals, packed with traffic during the Ironwrought competition at Bargewright. Proprietor Kellin Shadowbanks, a shifty Halfling.

11. Jarett’s Sundries. General store run by the beautiful ex-adventurer Jarett North, happy also to purchase low value items from adventurers providing the price is right.

12. Delora’s Livery. Stable and Livery selling all things horse related- including Warhorses, owned by Delora Zann.

13. Iormel’s Warehouse. Large run-down warehouse.

14. The Ferry. Run by Drathgur.

15. The Dwarf Bridge. Written on the side of the ancient (incomplete) monument are Dwarven runes- “Ironford” & “Bronzehammer”.

16. Gausler’s Brewery. Old garrison house in need of repair, now a brewery.

17. Jendar’s. Warehouse. Another, newer, warehouse.

18. Sterrel’s Provisioners. Proprietor Sterrel.

19. The Old Ones. Standing stones in forested clearing- home to Avarthel the Druid.

Womford is also the sometime home of the Lizardman Squire Welch, also known as Sqwelch.


Location- Womford

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