Magic Item- Painbringer (3)

+1 Warhammer Goblin Slayer


“Painbringer” +1 Warhammer.


When you grasp the magical warhammer and spend some time attuning yourself to the item you learn the following information-

This mighty warhammer is made of cold-forged iron, inlaid with various images all of them involving adherents of Tempus bringing justice and pain to those that defy the Lord of Battle- particularly looking at the images members of the undead. It weighs 10 pounds. You must be attuned to the warhammer to gain its benefits.

Painbringer is a magical weapon; +1 To Hit and Damage.

The weapon, you sincerely believe, has other powers- these will however only be ascertained once you have been visited by the various memories the weapon possesses.


Many magic items that need to be attuned possess a fragmented memory of their own existence, these ‘memories’ play out in dreams or visions witnessed by the newly attuned wielder, sometimes the dreams or visions are triggered by in-game events or experiences.

Interested adventurers can attempt to learn more about the item through research, or else by employing magical means.

Generally the first three ‘memories’ of the magic item will be presented below, other ‘memories’ will remain secret- only visible here to the wielder of the item.

Memory #1

The memory is rather short and simple, it lasts not more than five to ten minutes as it plays out while you sleep.

You see in snatched moments the cold-forging of the weapon taking place in some titanic looking forge, you note with a smile that the furnaces here are shrouded in ice, not fire- cold-forged iron requires the use of extreme elemental magic. The dwarven smith that crafts the weapon is swathed in layers of thick furred clothes simply in order to stay alive- the forge hall is further swathed in ice.

A moment later the dream flickers and the scene shifts to the Forge of Spells.

Painbringer is created- the weapon is dipped in the greenish sparkling flame- prayers and spells are cast, on hand is the same Dwarf you saw within the forge, only this time the Dwarf is swathed in the robes of his order- a Priest of Tempus. The Dwarf drones in prayer offering threats of vengeance and malice to the air… and finally Painbringer is born.

The memory ends with the Dwarf holding Painbringer aloft and grinning at what he has wrought.

Memory #2

The darkness enfolds and holds you still- a moment later you are close up to the face of the same Dwarf that created Painbringer in the Forge… and then in.

The strangest thing, you realise you are inside the dream’s of the Dwarf, and all the while in your own dream- you are dreaming the dreams of others.

A dark place where evil crouches, a cave of darkness- a sound like silence but framed with a low hiss or buzz, as if time and space has somehow fallen out of shape.

Time slows down, the darkness continues to enfold- until, as if in slow motion, the nothing is rent by a series of tremendous forces.

A great gout of flame the furls into a fireball.

A crackling spitting fork of forged blue lightning blast.

A bolus that bursts, bubbles and blisters- and burns; a shower of suffocating acid.

A slaking flurry of ice crystal accompanied by a freezing fog of hailing ice.

A hissing fog of green-tinged mist that clings and chokes- tears your breath away, poison gas.

You wake- choking for a moment and then finally catch your breath.

Memory #3

The Dwarf is on the move again, clutching Painbringer in hand- now clad in full plate armour with a great visored and crested helm, as if marching to war. In the dream drums beat a tattoo echoed by the crunching tread of an army- about to go to war.

The vision flickers and jumps forward in time.

Painbringer is now in the thick of battle, surrounded on all sides by more of his kind- the Dwarves have gone to war. Clearly you are in the underdark, and the enemies arrayed before the Dwarves are thousands upon thousands of Goblins and Hobgoblins.

Soon after, after another jump forward in time, and the battle is joined- the sound of dying- both friend and foe and yet Painbringer continues to swing and smash- laying low all that come against the wielder. The magical warhammer trills and sings in bass tones, mirroring the sound of the tread of the Dwarven army heard earlier, the weapon is content to be doing its duty.

Painbringer was made to destroy Goblins, you know this now- all you need do is put it to use.

Magic Item- Painbringer (3)

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