What’s with all the Dwarven Ruins? (SIDE QUEST)

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Lots of Dwarven ruins, clan Bronzehammer; isolationist clan that ruled the Dessarin Valley for a while. Also Dhol Kuldhir (the door at the end), the Dwarves got up to bad things. Also looking for the Halls of the Hunting Axe (yet another Bronzehammer ruin).

Ancient obelisk- came to life, hurt- and then turned off again. Zalt shut it down with telepathy.


25th Nightal, 1490- Adventurers descend into ancient Dwarven complex, full of Kobolds- this however is the second Dwarven ruin the guys have ventured through- the Temple of the Moving Stones, was also an ancient Dwarven construction.


25th Nightal, 1490- Ancient Dwarven ruins originally constructed by the Bronzehammer clan, it was probably a temple.


25th Nightal, 1490- Arrive in Womford, a destroyed Dwarven bridge used to span the Dessarin River- the construction is marked ‘Ironford’, the old Bronzehammer name for the settlement.


30th Nightal, 1490- Past midnight when the guys wander into the tunnels beneath Bargewright- an ancient (ready to collapse in places) Dwarven mines, the place contains a host of sickly Kobolds (Posioned or Diseased?), the creatures are shambling wrecks- although they’re still up for the fight. Investigations continue…


30th Nightal, 1490- Lots to tell- the guys (Zalt) summon Wodger- an Earth Elemental style Dwarf, an ancient device created by the Bronzehammer Dwarves. They also find a diary (of Oldar Bronzehammer) telling the tale of the last days of the Dwarven defender- sealing the mine to prevent the ‘creatures’ present there getting to the surface, mention of Thunderholme (another clan hold?), Oldar died fighting until the last.

Then… Kal’Zerth and the Drow tell their tale- the hold below was known as Dhol Kuldhir (the door at the end), home to Bronzehammer Dwarves who unleashed a pestilence into the depths that still kills his people to this day. The Bronzehammer clan, according to Kal’Zerth, had become nothing more than blood thirsty monsters at the end. The Drow have guarded the way to Dhol Kuldhir, for the last millennia, ensuring that the disease that devastated them previously does not come again into the Underdark (fungi infected Gargoyle). A second diseased Gargoyle entered the Underdark three months past (it was destroyed, safely), Kal’Zerth was about to descend into the Dwarf hold when the guys show up. He will pay them to go in their stead- to see the terrifying ‘door at the end’.

The disease that the Gargoyle brought was slow acting- infecting water and food supplies and taking years to manifest, causing Drow to be born disfigured and malformed.


30th Nightal, 1490- Lots of chatter after talking to the Drow, and Kal’Zerth, in the Bronzehammer ruins beneath Bargewright- the guys decide that they really need to enter Dhol Kuldhir to find out exactly what is going on, and to check out the Drow’s story- and the Gargoyles.


30th Nightal, 1490- Ken Lee’s Identify spell on the Bronzehammer items (Sigil & Diary) reveal that Kal’Zerth and the Drow were, very probably, telling the truth about the Bronzehammers. Certainly the Dwarves were attacked in the mines above Dhol Kuldhir, and were slaughtered by ‘feral’ looking Dwarves.


1st Hammer, 1491- Meeting with the Womford Council- Speaker Westron, Captain Soranna (Order of the Gauntlet), Sertiernen (Harper), Brother Derny (Priest of Lathander & Historian) & Avarthel the Druid. The guys ask about the Bronzehammer Dwarves, Brother Derny supplies the answers-

Brother Dearny provides a potted history of the Valley, all years are very approximate-

2000 years ago, the Bronzehammer Dwarves entered the Valley, from Mirabar in the cold north- an isolationist clan, they settled built holds and other places, and ruled here.

1000 years ago, the rule of the Bronzehammers ended- various suggestions as to how and where the Dwarves went exist- some say they were wiped out by rivals, others that they contracted some disease and died, and yet weirder and more wonderful accounts exist to explain their fate (involving Demons, Devils, and the like).

800 years ago, the Valley is invaded and then ruled by ferocious Barbarians.

500 years ago, the Vraath family settles in the Valley- and very quickly comes to rule here; building keeps, castles and founding settlements.

100 years ago, the last Vraath- Cadoc, disappears…

The Valley is, at present, without a protector or dominant Clan, Tribe or Lord.


2nd Hammer, 1491- The ancient Dwarven ruins the guys are exploring, searching for Sir Gustav and the entrance to the Halls of the Hunting Axe, were made by the Bronzehammers.


3rd Hammer, 1491- More stone men in masks (sorta) in the Underdark, not just the Stone Fist Monks above but Stone Guards and a Knight on a Bulette- very tough fight, they have come for Sir Gustav- who they think is ‘Grimm’. Closest the guys have come to a PC death. Clearly the guys in the masks are after the guys- second case of mistaken identity- see Goren/Lord Thaelond confusion. Also present Drow (and Kal’Zerth), encounter at Bronzehammer ruins- the Stones that Move.


3rd Hammer, 1491- Continued investigations into the ancient Bronzehammer obelisk ( Moving Stones) situated in the Underdark beneath ruined hold. Ken Lee’s Identify spell ascertains that the device was fuelled during a ritual in which a floating heavily armoured Dwarf seemed to shape energy from the device into floating coloured spheres (thousands of them). The device has been switched on recently (perhaps)- but what is it for?


4th Hammer, 1491- Check out Sir Gustav’s map to the Halls of the Hunting Axe- no cigar, turns out to be an (inhabited) Bronzehammer Dwarf Lord’s tomb. Destroy the undead.

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