Who is the Lordly looking Bugbear? (SIDE QUEST)

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25th Nightal, 1490- Avarthel, the Druid, spotted Pale Hobgoblins- very militaristic (well armed and armoured) accompanying a strange Bugbear Lord (that cast Lightning Bolt at the Druid) to the lair of a bunch of Kobolds that are acting strange. Also a Gargoyle paid a visit.

Who is the Bugbear Lord, and what is he up to?


25th Nightal, 1490- Bugbear Lord arrived on Manticore with Pale Hobgoblins. The Bugbear wanted the Shaman of the Kobolds to look after Trimat, the Chimera- implying that the creature was beloved of Tiamat. Shaman had a note signed by The Eye!

Is the Bugbear Lord the Eye?


29th Nightal, 1490- Ironwrought chatter with humanoids chief’s about- the Bugbear Lord, flying things, and the Eye- score! As it turns many of the tribes in the Dessarin Valley are being visited by the Bugbear Lord- whose name begins with ‘K’. The Bugbear flies in on a Manticore, and with flying mounted guards (Monk-like men on Giant Vultures). The info comes mostly courtesy of Baron Ballbag and Lord Klarg (who just wants to be friends).

It seems the Bugbear is also the source of the ‘Eye’ symbols, he’s known as ‘High’ or ‘Eye’ Lord ‘K’ and he’s hiring- but hiring for what?


30th Nightal, 1490-
After the last event of the Ironwrought Grimm leads the charge with more chatter and findings things out (after saving Bloodletter’s life). The guys learn the following- a Bugbear Lord (Lord K) is flying around the valley on a Manticore, hiring Humanoid tribes- converting them to Tiamat’s cause. There are also a group of masked Humans flying around on Giant Vultures, and a Black Dragon (laired somewhere in the valley) flew over Bargewright last night. Bloodletter knew about the Dragon but has not seen it about for years…

Also Lord Klarg (another Bugbear) is working for some bad men up the Dessarin River, and was sent to keep an eye on the guys. Who the hell are these guys?

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