What’s with all the Humanoid Tribes in the Valley? (SIDE QUEST)

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25th Nightal, 1490- Avarthel, the Druid, spotted Pale Hobgoblins- very militaristic (well armed and armoured) accompanying a strange Bugbear Lord (that cast Lightning Bolt at the Druid) to the lair of a bunch of Kobolds that are acting strange. Also a Gargoyle paid a visit.

The Kobolds seem to have recently moved lair, and gone from friendly to confrontational, and also acquired a gang of Ogres to serve as muscle- clearly they’re expanding (going up in the world). What’s it all about?


25th Nightal, 1490- Continue down into ancient Dwarven complex, the Kobolds here are all tattooed with the ‘Eye’, and are therefore possibly worshippers of Tiamat. There are lots of them in the complex… lots and lots of them.


25th Nightal, 1490- The Kobolds even have, sorry ‘had’, a Troll, as well as plenty of Winged variants and a pair of Wyrmpriests.


25th Nightal, 1490- The surrendered Kobolds tell the guys they were forced (join or die) into Tiamat Cult by Shaman (now RIP), who with the help of Trimat (the Chimera) killed the old Chief and took over tribe. Bugbear Lord (on Manticore) arrived later with a squad of Pale Hobgoblins. Gargoyles brought messages to lair, and also supplies- mostly food, armour and weapons.

The Kobold Shaman had a letter (from ‘The Eye’) telling the Chief to look after Trimat

Keep Her Safe
She is Precious
The Great Mistress
Lives in Her
The Time Draws Close
Be Ready
The Eye

Who is the Eye?


25th & 26th Nightal, 1490- Squire Welch (Sqwelch) the Lizardman reports Goblins in the Dankmire, a big group of them in a tower- they need to die. Also Gargoyles spotted in the area.

Avarthel, the Druid, also promises to look in to Humanoid activities…


27th Nightal, 1490- Head off to Dankmire, with Sqwelch, to attack Goblins in tower- make a mess of the camp with Ken Lee’s Fireball, the attack is ongoing…


27th Nightal, 1490- Also Hobgoblins and an Ettin (Dick & Dom) in charge of the operation. Dick & Dom manage to flee from the guys, although badly wounded. Captured Hobgoblin reveals that Dick & Dom receives his orders from the Gargoyles that arrive at the tower, as Sqwelch said.


28th Nightal, 1490- Chatter with Avarthel- he, Jaume and Sqwelch are part of the Emerald Enclave. The Druid talks of the sudden appearance and movement of groups of Humanoids within the Valley (Goblins, Kobolds and Gnolls- mostly). Evidence of them worshipping the great Eye. Gargoyles are being used as messengers between the groups.

Also translation of the note found in Dick & Dom’s chamber (the Ettin)-

Dick and Dom
Lords of Battle
Hold the Tower
Patrol Iron Road
Watch Womford
Be Ready

Who is ‘K’?

Is it Kal’Zerth, a Drow in the Ironwrought competition?

There are plenty of Humanoids at the Ironwrought, in Bargewright, including- a few Kobolds, a great many Goblins, several Hobgoblins, a couple of dozen Orcs and a gang of Bugbears.


29th Nightal, 1490- Ironwrought chatter with humanoids chief’s about- the Bugbear Lord, flying things, and the Eye- score! As it turns many of the tribes in the Dessarin Valley are being visited by the Bugbear Lord- whose name begins with ‘K’ (see the note above). The Bugbear flies in on a Manticore, and with flying mounted guards (Monk-like men on Giant Vultures). The info comes mostly courtesy of Baron Ballbag and Lord Klarg (who just wants to be friends).

It seems the ‘High’ or ‘Eye’ Lord ‘K’ is hiring- but hiring for what?


30th Nightal, 1490- Past midnight when the guys wander into the mines beneath Bargewright- Dwarven (of course), the place contains a host of sickly Kobolds (Posioned or Diseased?), the creatures are shambling wrecks- although they’re still up for the fight. Investigations continue…


30th Nightal, 1490- Nothing new to report- more Kobolds, more Traps beneath Bargewright, and the Drow (with Kal’Zerth), and an ancient Bronzehammer hold below.


30th Nightal, 1490- Lots of chatter after talking to the Drow, and Kal’Zerth, in the Bronzehammer ruins beneath Bargewright- the guys decide that they really need to enter Dhol Kuldhir to find out exactly what is going on, and to check out the Drow’s story- and the Gargoyles, consensus is the Gargoyles are being used to send messages between various groups- Humanoids and cultists, back to the Masked Men again…


30th Nightal, 1490-
After the last event of the Ironwrought Grimm leads the charge with more chatter and findings things out (after saving Bloodletter’s life). The guys learn the following- a Bugbear Lord (Lord K) is flying around the valley on a Manticore, hiring Humanoid tribes- converting them to Tiamat’s cause. There are also a group of masked Humans flying around on Giant Vultures, and a Black Dragon (laired somewhere in the valley) flew over Bargewright last night. Bloodletter knew about the Dragon but has not seen it about for years…

Also Lord Klarg is working for some bad men up the Dessarin River, and was sent to keep an eye on the guys. Who the hell are these guys?

Also Gaelkur (the fence), who fled from Red Larch- having been a member of the Believers- the original Masked Men (see above), is spotted at the Ironwrought (briefly), he is apparently located in Womford- and hiring muscle.


1st Hammer, 1491- Meeting with the Womford Council- Speaker Westron, Captain Soranna (Order of the Gauntlet), Sertiernen (Harper), Brother Derny (Priest of Lathander & Historian) & Avarthel the Druid. Explain to the Council all that the guys have witnessed- the Masked Men (Believers) in Red Larch, the Kobolds and other Humanoids, the notes from the Bugbear Lord, the symbols of the Eye and the Gargoyle messengers. Basically things are afoot, Womford is threatened- Avarthel and Speaker Westron don’t get on, the Speaker has yet to see any proof of this…

Discussion continues with plans should Womford be attacked, Captain Soranna is drilling the Guard and the Militia, the guys are asked to keep an eye out-m to monitor the situation.

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