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Nothing classy to be found here, just a list of the creatures that the guys have ‘offed’ so far in this adventure, or else creatures they have defeated, and just because I like lists. The list is arranged by experience point value-

25 XP each.

Human Cultist x 6 (including Favric)
Stirge x 22
Twig Blight x 22

50 XP each.

Goblin x 44 (Including Yeemik, Yegg & Lhupo)
Skeleton x 12
Wolf x 10 (Including Ripper & Snarl)
Zombie x 24
Zombie, Ash x 11

100 XP each.

Hobgoblin x 9
Orc x 13 (Including Brughor Axebiter)
Redbrand Ruffian x 13

200 XP each.

Bugbear x 16 (Including Klarg & King Groll)
Ghoul x 11
Mage, Evil x 2 (Including Glasstaff/Iarno & Hamun Khost)
Spider, Giant x 6

450 XP each.

Drow Wizard x 1 (Black Spider)
Grick x 3
Nothic x 1 (Cecil)
Ochre Jelly x 2
Ogre x 2 (Including Gog)

700 XP each.

Doppelganger x 2
Owlbear x 2
Wraith x 1 (Mormesk)

1100 XP each.

Flameskull x 1

3900 XP each.

Dragon Green Young x 1 (Venomfang)

Complete to end of Adventure #1 = Sessions #1 to #16.

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