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Nothing classy to be found here, just a list of the creatures that the guys have ‘offed’ so far in their adventures, or else creatures they have defeated, and just because I like lists. The list is arranged by experience point value-

25 XP each.

Human Guard x 2
Kobold x 27
Rat, Giant x 6

50 XP each.

Goblin x 18
Kobold Urd x 2
Rat Swarm x 1
Skeleton x 15
Spider, Giant Wolf x 5
Wolf x 4
Zombie x 16

100 XP each.

Cultist Thug x 2
Hobgoblin x 23
Human Scout x 1 (Agrid)
Mephit, Dust x 1
Shadow x 5
The Thing in the Portal x 1

200 XP each.

Ghoul x 1
Goblin Boss x 2 (Balgron & Irontooth)
Half-Elf Spy x 1 (Ninaran)
Half-Ogre x 1
Specter x 1 (Kalarel)
Spider, Giant x 1
Wolf, Dire x 1

450 XP each.

Devil, Spined x 1
Gelatinous Cube x 1
Ochre Jelly x 1
Priest of Orcus x 1
Wight x 1 (Sir Keegan)

700 XP each.

Mummy x 1 (Kalarel)
Water Weird x 1

Complete to end of Adventure #1.

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