Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Bandit’s Nest with the NOOB B TEAM

The Noob B Team are-
Tyron playing Elvis, Male Tiefling Bard (Charlatan)
Al playing Ignatius, Male Human (Variant) Sorcerer (Hermit)
Rez playing Sgt. Gank, Male Dragonborn Fighter (Soldier)
Colin playing Trotter, Male Halfling Rogue (Criminal)
Raych playing Grace, Female Human (Variant) Cleric of Helm (Noble Knight)
Me- Goonalan playing everyone else (DM)

We’re playing around the table, in the real world- as opposed to in cyberspace, like my main game.

A quick turn around, we only played last Thursday (Session #001- see previous entry) and here we are again, only four nights later- these guys are keen, and I have no social life- or so it seems.

So we’re playing a scenario called the Bandit’s Nest, level 1-2 from Dungeons on Demand (highly recommended), and written by Dan Coleman. You can check it out (and then buy it) here-

Bandit’s Nest

Just a note to say that this is Part 1 of the session, you’ll see why later.

And so back to the Noob B Team-

Session #002 Part 1 Monday 2nd November 2015
The Misstep.

Elvis, Male Tiefling Bard (Charlatan) Level 1
Ignatius, Male Human (Variant) Sorcerer (Hermit) Level 1
Sgt. Gank, Male Dragonborn Fighter (Soldier) Level 1
Trotter, Male Halfling Rogue (Criminal) Level 1
Grace, Female Human (Variant) Cleric of Helm (Noble Knight) Level 1

The Action-

1) Clever!

The guys hang around for a while, in the clearing- they take a moment to make sure the Kenku that came to investigate from the ruin ahead is not coming back. When the coast is definitely clear they search around the area, at least Trotter, Ignatius and Elvis do- the warrior-types stand guard.

V1L1_-_B_-_PS_a.jpgThe Clearing

The significance of the statues is lost on the guys, of more import is the fact that the bricks on the top section of the well rotate- what’s more the device has an arrow marker, like on a compass. So, with a little help from his friends, Trotter turns the compass to point in all directions- slowly, and when the marker points north there’s a click- echoed.

Trotter investigates some more and discovers two things-

1) A brick has popped open on the base of the statue to the north- the one the arrow is now pointing at; the recess contains a holy symbol (deity not investigated- silver plated, it will sell), a Potion of Healing and some coin- nice one.

2) A number of bricks have also slid out inside the well, creating a series of steps, although very shallow, which spiral down into the darkness- winner.

Point 2 is however for further investigation later on, of primary concern is a short rest and then the Kenku ahead, oh and they still have Lilya to find.

V1L1_-_E_-_PS_a.jpgRest Here

The guys head back into the large ruin to the south, in which they fought and killed the Harpy and a majority of the Kenku last session. They take a short rest and recover from their exertions, and then when that’s done they scour the ruin for the Harpy’s treasure. They find it, more coin and a few gemstones.

The guys are on a roll.

2) Success- Lilya!

The guys creep around the outside of the clearing, heading clockwise- north west, to another smaller ruined building which seems to be unguarded; Trotter does a lot of sneaking and finally returns to say that Lilya is within, at least he presumes it’s her- a young woman tied (and beaten) up.


Five minutes later and Lilya is free, and with a story to tell- in truth she wont shut up, even after Elvis tells her pointedly to do so. Lilya however is no shrew, what she wants is her locket back- her locket contains the only surviving picture of her ‘Mama’- she’s also willing to pay. This is Quest #2 Recover Lilya’s Locket, just to note that Quest #1 Rescue Lilya is pretty much done, all the guys need to do is escape with her alive.

No problems.

The guys check their pockets- they’ve not found the locket yet, therefore it’s bound to be with the Kenku to the north, the ruin is most likely home to the leader of the bandits the guys deduce, he’ll have the locket.

Damn Genre and its whore sons- the Tropes.

Screw it, the guys have an appointment with the Kenku to the north anyway, gold is gold- they’ll get the locket back, or die trying (prescient? Read on).

Time to press on.

3) Big birds.

Axe_Beak.gifAxe Beak.

The next ruined building, continuing their clockwise circumnavigation, contains a corral and three more of the giant birds- Axe Beaks, one of these bastards took Grace down with a single peck in the last session.

Trotter reports back, the guys give this area a wide birth- but they’re not ready to face the Kenku yet, time first to check out the buildings on the other side of the clearing.

D_D_5e_Scenario_Lvl_01-02_Dan_Coleman_Bandits_Nest__Lvl_1-2__Player_Safe_Map_Small_a.jpgThe Whole Shebang

Obviously the guys didn’t get to see this map, next stop the question marks.

4) Bear Essentials.

Again Trotter is sent off to scout the way, with Lilya left hidden in the undergrowth on the trail that leads in, and therefore also out, of the Kenku lair. The Halfling noses around the first ruined building and almost comes face to snout with a Brown Bear- the ursine growls a lot, at first, but cannot get any closer to Trotter because it’s chained up.

Bear_Brown.jpgBrown Bear.

The peg that holds the Bear’s restraining chain begins to work itself loose.

At which point Trotter distributes all of his iron rations to the creature, and then makes soothing cooing sounds. No, you read that right- when put on the spot to replicate the noises Trotter was making to calm the enraged beast, Colin (who plays Trotter) cooed. He also rolled something like a ‘19’, bastard.

The Brown Bear drags its dinner into a corner of the ruin and gets on with consuming it.


For now.

Trotter reports back- leave the Bear for the moment is the consensus.

V1L1_-_C_-_PS_a.jpgQuestions Answered

The guys move on- Trotter first, as usual, and discover that the last building is just an empty ruin- the only thing left to investigate is the ruin to the north, home to more Kenku, and their leader, (probably).

5) The Misstep.

Trotter heads up the stairs to scout out the ruin ahead, being extra careful- but not careful enough, the Halfling finds the trap the hard way. The trap consists of a slick of ball bearings, coloured (mucky) to blend in with the stonework- the Rogue comes a cropper and ends up wounded and in a pile at the bottom of the stairs.

Their cover is blown.

A moment later, as the guys stand statue, a gang of Kenku are swiftly to the opening into the ruin ahead, and soon after they’re firing into the crowd with their shortbows. It gets chaotic, and for the guys- nasty, very quickly.

V1L1_-_F_-_PS_a.jpgCover vs No Cover

This is the bit where the guys noobness shines through. The four Kenku stay under cover, firing from hiding when they can, and retreating (back into cover) when the guys close. The guys don’t bother trying to find cover, or indeed worry about charging into a gang of bow-armed bad guys.


Let’s see how that works out for them.

Trotter gets up just in time to stop two arrows, the Halfling sinks to his knees and the face-plants the stone step before him, he’s dying.

Good start.

Elvis makes some disparaging comments about one of the Kenku with his Vicious Mockery, the creature is suitably slighted. Ignatius is a little less wordy, he hits one of the birdmen with a Fire Bolt.

Note there are four Kenku taking shots at the guys (and then giving ground) from the entrance of the ruin, although one of them is already barely able to stand, and massively singed.

Trotter coughs up a slick of blood, he really is dying (first Death Save failure).

Elvis finds himself in the open, a Kenku dodges forward and stabs the Tiefling, and then dodges back again- Elvis is down.

Sgt. Gank grabs out a Healing Potion and then tips it down Trotter’s throat. He then rushes forward and into action- and gets shot en route, the Dragonborn unleashes his acid gob (his Breath Weapon), alas both Kenku in range manage to dodge much of the hurt- one of them is the Kenku leader but the guys haven’t figured this as out of yet. The Fighter gets his Second Wind, he’s feeling groovy again.

Grace gets into the mix and cuts one of the Kenku down, note the Priest doesn’t have any spells left- she’s got no cures. Ignatius hits another Kenku with yet another Fire Bolt, it’s wounded.

A pair of the Kenku break ranks, scuttle forward- slice at Grace, and then scuttle back- the fight has now entered the ruin, the guys are still out in the open- the Kenku retreating, when they can, into cover- or else not coming out of cover.

Grace hits the deck.

Kenku_Leader_1.jpgKenku Leader- Chaza Talondark.

Trotter staggers to his feet as inside the ruin the Kenku leader goes toe-to-toe with Sgt. Gank, the leader however has back-up; Ignatius gets caught in the open and stabbed. Gank meanwhile cuts another of the birdmen down.

Grace and Elvis lie still, they both succeed on their Death Saves.

Things are really looking up for the guys.

Ignatius unleashes his only first level spell left- Burning Hands, the result is pathetic, a whoosh of flame but only one Kenku gets caught in the burn, miraculously it also survives, and slices its shortsword into Gank (now on 1 hit point), the Dragonborn Fighter staggers.

Trotter abandons all pretense and runs screaming into the melee, he cuts another birdman down, and then another- the second creature with a Sneak Attack (and a Critical Hit). The second creature fortunatley is Chaza Talondark, the leader of the Kenku band, at the last minute he nudges Trotters blade aside and at the same time trips the Kenku to his side- the poor unfortunate takes the (Critical) hit, and Chaza survives.

That’s what being the leader is all about- getting someone else to take the rap.

And Trotter isn’t happy- the guys have figured that Chaza is the chief now.

Chaza stabs Sgt. Gank (with a Critical Hit, two can play at that) and the Dragonborn is down.

Do you see where this is going?

That’s three of the guys bleeding out, although all three of them make their Death Saves this turn- Grace and Elvis are going to stabilize if they make one more save each, let’s hope the two adventurers still standing can see this through.

There are only two Kenku left in the battle, and a second later one of them is badly burnt (on 2 hit points) by another of Ignatius’ Fire Bolts, Chaza however is still hale and hearty.

Not for long, Trotter stabs the birdman leader twice…

Elvis stabilises, Sgt. Gank and Grace however do not- the pair begin to convulse- they both fail their Death Saves.

A moment later Trotter decapitates Chaza, the Kenku leader- with yet another Critical Hit, the last Kenku still standing does a runner, Ignatius’ Fire Bolt alas is off target- a short chase ensues but the birdman has the legs on the guys, he’s into the woods and quickly away.

At which point the guys remember their colleagues and rush back to the fallen, they get there to discover that Grace has stabilised also, Sgt. Gank however is at death’s door- two failed Death Saves. Ignatius saves the day, the Dragonborn is stabilised.

Encounter over.

Phew… That was close.

PCs 5 x Level 1
Monsters 4 Kenku 50 XP each & Chaza Talondark, Kenku leader 100 XP
XP 300 Adjusted 600 CR 2

6) Rest and Recuperate.

Ignatius and Trotter do the best they can to get the guys settled and comfortable, with the help of Lilya of course, they set up camp in the northern ruin- Chaza’s old haunt, there’s much more in the way of furniture and ‘comforts’ here.

The adventurers have taken a beating, they maintain a watch on the clearing but they’re not up for a fight- the guys mostly just want to stay unobserved, and undisturbed, for the rest of the day and the night.

Trotter remembers to go back and feed the Brown Bear some more provisions, the Kenku have plenty of food- although most of it of dubious quality; the Rogue also remembers to check over the bodies of the fallen, there’s a little more coin- most of it gold, there’s also a few vials of poison but they get lost on the way to the ‘party loot’ bag. There is also, of course, Lilya’s locket- the kind Halfling gives it back to her, and Quest #2 Recover Lilya’s Locket is complete.

The guys take the rest of the day off, and relax.

Time passes.

7) The Morning After.

The next day the guys up and ready and raring to go, first up they release the Brown Bear back into the wilds; and a little while later they discover that the Axe Beaks are gone, consensus is the Kenku survivor has been back. That done they head over to the well- Trotter repeats his trick and the stairs down slide back into place.

The next part of the adventure doesn’t come from Dungeons on Demand’s ’Bandit’s Nest’ however, it therefore demands a section of its own, Session #002 Part 2- see below.

8) Experiential.

All of the guys are less than 50 XP off 2nd level, they just need a little bit more violence and adventure.

Session #002 Part 1 Ends.

Ongoing Quests- Quest #1 Rescue Lilya- COMPLETE (almost) & Quest #2 Recover Lilya’s Locket- COMPLETE

NPCs of note- Lilya Haldenfrond- RESCUED.

Enemies of note- Kenku and friends- DEAD, or FLED.

New Info- All’s well with the guys, time to investigate what’s down the well.

XP Awarded-
50 Section 2) Rescue Lilya- nearly.
25 Section 5) Find the Trap on the steps, the hard way.
300 Section 5) Kill the Kenku and their Leader.
100 Section 4) & 7) Release the Brown Bear.
475 XP Total

Continues in Part 2.

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