Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Thunderspire Labyrinth (Converted from 4e)
With the Old School Gamer

The Old School Gamer is-
James (UK) playing Dirty Biskit, Male Mountain Dwarf Fighter (Soldier)
James (UK) playing Grey Morlock, Male Human (Variant) Wizard (Sage)
James (UK) playing Kaspard Du Nord, Female Half-Elf Cleric of Lathander (Acolyte)
James (UK) playing McGyver, Male Dragonborn Paladin of Helm (Noble Knight)
James (UK) playing Winstanley Portico, Male Halfling Lightfoot Rogue (Spy)
James (UK) playing Phrenic, Male Tiefling Paladin of Tymora (Soldier)
Me- Goonalan (UK) playing everyone else (DM)

We play using Fantasy Grounds and Skype, in short 20-30 minute bursts of action- as and when we can, which is pretty easy as James is playing all of the heroes. It’s like a 5e version of 4e’s combat chess approach.

This is a conversion of the 4e Thunderspire Labyrinth module, we’ve converted the PCs over- swapped out the monsters and then just played through the fights- for fun. The original telling of the tale can be found HERE.

And so-

Session #008 Completed 24/04/16
Into the Labyrinth

Dirty Biskit, Male Mountain Dwarf Fighter (Soldier) Level 3
Grey Morlock, Male Human (Variant) Wizard (Sage) Level 3
Kaspard Du Nord, Female Half-Elf Cleric of Lathander (Acolyte) Level 3
Phrenic, Male Tiefling Paladin of Tymora (Soldier) Level 3
Winstanley Portico, Male Halfling Lightfoot Rogue (Spy) Level 3
McGyver, Male Dragonborn Paladin of Helm (Noble Knight) Level 2

James has added McGyver to the party- he’s in for keeps.

Game on!

The Action-

1) Catch Up.

Just a brief summary of events since the guy’s victory in the Keep on the Shadowfell, the following things have happened-

a) The guys have got their rewards from Lord Padraig of Winterhaven, although they still have unfinished business- a number of locals, it transpires, have been kidnapped by a group calling themselves the Bloodreavers (a bunch of Goblinoids). The guys are however on the bad guys tails- they need to go to Thunderspire Mountain, the Bloodreavers, according to info discovered in the last adventure, are selling slaves to the Duergar.

b) The guys have also received some minor rewards, and thanks, from the other factions, churches or guilds they serve.

c) The Sage of Winterhaven, Valthrun the Prescient has recommended the guys head to a place called the Seven Pillared Hall within Thunderspire, he’s even recommended a friend- Vadriar the Sage, who is based in the aforementioned Hall.

d) All of the above done the guys gather their gear, buy mounts, and then head off to Thunderspire Mountain- situated along the Blackford Road to Mirabar, and then north into the Spine of the World. The going is tough but we’re moving swiftly- straight into Thunderspire.

e) Oh, and last up- McGyver is now Level 2.

2) Bloodreavers!

The guys eventually entire Thunderspire.

Front_Door.jpgKnock! Knock!

Half-a-mile into the complex, following a wide vaulted road adorned with massive statues of axe-wielding Minotaurs (not pleasant), the guys hear the sounds of struggle coming from one of the many passages that lead off the central route.

They investigate and discover a chamber full of Hobgoblins beating on a Halfling- to the rescue. Alas the Hobgoblins, actually Bloodreavers, spot the guys and get into action.

Map_A1-1.jpgAction Stations!

There are five Hobgoblins- the first falls to Winstanley’s Sneak Attack, Kaspard beats on another with her Spiritual Weapon, and then takes an arrow to the shoulder for her pains- she’s heavily wounded. McGyver leaves another Hobgoblin almost down and out, Grey fires a Shatter spell into the mix and now all of the remaining four Hobgoblins are pretty beat up. The Halfling the bad guys were beating on has dashed to safety during the fracas.

Hobgoblin.jpgHobgoblin- Bloodreavers!

Dirty leaves another Hobgoblin teetering on the brink of death- Kaspard’s Spiritual Weapon ends it, at which point Dirty stops an arrow- and now the Dwarf is almost down (that was 18 damage there- Hobgoblins hit hard). Grey fires a trio of Magic Missiles into the mix- two of the Hobgoblins fall- the last drops its weapons and surrenders.

The fight is over.

PCs 1 x Level 2 & 5 x Level 3
Monsters 5 Hobgoblins 100 XP each
XP 500 Adjusted 750 CR 3

The Halfling the guys rescued is called Randall, the little fellow know the way to the Seven Pillared Hall, but best of all his family own a bar in the Hall; he also knows lots of stuff about the Bloodreavers- huzzah.


The Hobgoblin prisoner is briefly interrogated, the gruff fellow eventually concedes that he is a Bloodreaver, and that the organisation are slavers; he will not however give up the location of their lair. The guys slay the Hobgoblin, and then head with Randall into the Seven Pillared Hall.

3) The Seven Pillared Hall.


The guys have to talk their way past an Ogre (Brugg) and a bunch of Guards in the Seven Pillared Hall, it seems from what Randall the Halfling tells them the Bloodreavers are unofficially in charge here. The citizens of the place are however not very happy about the present state of affairs.

Later on, after a bit of light shopping and a nose about the Hall, the guys reconvene with a few of the friendlies and discuss what’s to be done.

Which is, in summary, to find the Bloodreaver’s hideout, head there and then kick ass- let’s call this Quest #1. The adventurers also learn that the Bloodreaver’s lair is a place called the Chamber of Eyes and that a Kobold Scout called Charrak (present at the meeting) will take them there. Sorted.


The guys also learn that the Seven Pillared Hall was up until recently ruled by a hidden order of Wizards called the Mages of Saruun, none of the inhabitants know where the Wizard’s laired- they just sorta appeared when needed previously. However the Mages have not been seen for months- Quest #2 Find the Mages of Saruun.

Obviously Quest #3 Find the Missing, is the guy’s real purpose here- the thought is the Bloodreavers have the ‘missing’, the guys can kill two birds with one stone if they take down the Goblinoid slavers.


The guys have also promised to look for a Giant Boar, lost in the Labyrinth, owned by Ulthand Deepgem of the Deepgem Mining Company- slightly odd, but there’s a reward. This is Quest #4.

Dirty has also discovered there’s a mad Dwarf in the Labyrinth who has proclaimed himself king of the place, there’s a reward for the crazy fellow’s crown. Quest #5.

Vadriar the Sage (see above) is alas nowhere to be found- this becomes Quest #6.

Having loaded up with Quests, and after chatting for a while, the guys sleep and then rise early and are snuck out of the Hall and into the Labyrinth- Charrak leads the way.

4) Undead in the Labyrinth.


Half-a-day into their journey to the Chamber of Eyes a lone Ghoul is spotted in an otherwise empty cavern- Winstanley, who spotted it, sneaks all the way over, silently as his compatriots stand statue, and then Assassinates it, with one hit. That was an easy victory- only it doesn’t prove to be the case as a pack of Shadows come at the guys through the walls.


Grey, ready with his Wand of Magic Missiles fires three of the force missiles into the fist to emerge, McGyver rushes over and finishes it with his longsword. Winstanley and Phrenic are less fortunate the pair are left necrotised and weakened.

Phrenic gets his revenge in an instant- a Hellish Rebuke followed by a thrust from his magical longsword and the second Shadow falls. Kaspard fails to Turn the Undead, and so settles for a Healing Word on Phrenic.

Winstanley critically wounds another of the Shadows, Grey finishes it off with another trio of Magic Missiles.

The last remaining Shadow attempts to flee, but cannot make it to safety- Dirty thumps it (ineffectively), Phrenic slashes it (effectively), and then Winstanley finishes it off with a Sneak Attack.

The fight is won.

PCs 1 x Level 2 & 5 x Level 3
Monsters 4 Shadows 100 XP each & Ghoul 200 XP
XP 600 Adjusted 900 CR 3

Fight over, after a Short Rest, the guys continue on for their journey, and then eventually find a place to rest- they’ll be at the Chamber of Eyes early tomorrow morning, Charrak assures them.

5) Pack Attack.


Alas the night’s sleep is interrupted by a bunch of Hyenas that come loping into the adventurer’s camp, several of the guys are caught completely unawares, although Grey (on watch) reacts in an instant- the Wizard’s Shatter spell destroys the first three of the mongrels to emerge from the tunnels.

Soon after Winstanley puts down another two, although the Halfling Rogue is bitten by another- as is McGyver, the Paladin takes a beating (Critical Hit), the Dragonborn replies with his Breath Weapon- three more Hyenas are destroyed.

Which still leaves half-a-dozen of them in the fight.

Winstanley is bitten again and left heavily wounded, Dirty is also hurt.

Grey kills another two Hyenas with another trio of Magic Missiles, while Winstanley finishes another off with his blade. McGyver cuts one more down as the remaining Hyenas flee.

Fight over.

PCs 1 x Level 2 & 5 x Level 3
Monsters 14 Hyenas 10 XP each
XP 140 Adjusted 350 CR 1

The guys get a good night’s sleep- at last, and then rise and shine bright and early and follow Charrak into the Bloodreaver’s lair- the Chamber of Eyes.

Note Dirty, Grey, Kaspard and Winstanley awake to discover they’re all Level 4. Which is nice.

6) The Bloodreaver Guards.

A little while later, after a good scout around by Winstanley the guys are ready to bust into the Bloodreaver’s lair and set about a bunch of Goblin guards- the Halfling Rogue has already sneaked into the lair for a look around.

Map_C2.jpgThe Bloodreaver Guards.

The Goblin guards turn out to have a Bugbear with them- in truth none of the enemies however can stand up to the guys with a surprise round.


Winstanley leads the attack- silently, with another successful Assassination attempt, the Rogue leaps into the guardroom and takes out two Goblins in an instant.

Kaspard burns another with a Sacred Flame, Dirty finishes it off and then thumps his maul into the Bugbear- it’s bloodied already.

McGyver badly wounds another Goblin, Grey ends it with a Fire Bolt- while Phrenic slays another (with a Critical Hit).

At the start of the fight there were six Goblins and a Bugbear, six or so seconds later and all that’s left is a critically wounded Goblin and the bloodied Bugbear- the pair attempt to run screaming from the chamber.


Winstanley finishes the Bugbear off with a dagger in the back, Kaspard does something similar with a Sacred Flame into the back of the fleeing Goblin.

The fight is done.

PCs 1 x Level 2, 1 x Level 3 & 4 x Level 4
Monsters 6 Goblins 50 XP each & Bugbear 200 XP
XP 500 Adjusted 1000 CR 3

The guys rob the fallen and then sneak, as silently as they can- with Winstanley leading the way, further into the lair.

7) The Rest of the Bloodreavers.

Map_C4.jpgThe Chamber of Eyes.

Alas Winstanleys sneaking lets hims down- five minutes later the Halfling comes face-to-face with a Dire Wolf in a large split-level hall, worse still there are a trio of Hobgoblins with bows in the upper section of the chamber. The Halfling Rogue is bitten badly and dragged to the floor- he screams, which brings the rest of the guys running- just in time for the Hobgoblin artillery to open up.

McGyver however ignores the arrows and hits the Dire Wolf with a Divine Smite- the beast is heavily wounded in an instant. Winstanley scrambles to his feet and finishes it off- score one the guys.

Dire_Wolf.pngDire Wolf.

The Hobgoblins keep firing (and mostly missing) and also start screaming for their friends.

Grey finishes one of the Hobgoblins off with four Magic Missiles from his Wand, Kaspard’s Spiritual Weapon ends another (with a Critical Hit)- the one Hobgoblin left carries on screaming while he flees to find his friends.

Grey takes him down before he can depart- with six Magic Missiles, the Wand is getting some hammer.

Just as another two Hobgoblins, one a Captain, arrive on the scene. Kaspard moves over her Spiritual Weapon and starts flailing at the Captain, and then Blesses her guys.

Hobgoblin_Captain.pngHobgoblin Captain.

And then a pair of Duergar attack (Invisibly) from the rear of the party. Shit! McGyver somehow keeps them both at bay (both missed with Advantage), and then hits one of the Duergar with his Divine Smite.


The last remaining Hobgoblin (not the Captain) hits Phrenic a vicious blow (a Critical Hit), Phrenic hits back with his Hellish Rebuke and then cuts the creature down with his longsword.

McGyver catches both Duergar in his Breath Weapon- a freezing mist, one of the pair is now bloodied, a moment later they both are as Winstanley stabs the other Duergar in the back with his Sneak Attack. Grey’s Eldritch Blast ends one of the duo.

The Hobgoblin Captain hops the balcony and onto the lower level of the chamber, then closes down Grey and slashes the Wizard terribly- Grey’s Shield spell cannot block the blow, but it keeps out the Captain’s second strike, a moment later the Mage Misty Steps to freedom.

Kaspard heals Phrenic with a Cure Wounds, while McGyver rushes over to hack at the Captain- Winstanley follows the Dragonborn over and bloodies the Hobgoblin boss with another vicious Sneak Attack (he keeps rolling just short of max. damage- the bastard).

Phrenic attempts to jump off the balcony after the Hobgoblin Captain, the Paladin of Tymora lands hard and is left limping and injured- smooth! The Captain meantime switches targets to Winstanley and leaves the Rogue heavily wounded.

Just to say Kaspard has still got her Spiritual Weapon on the go- trying, but constantly failing, to hit the last Duergar standing- who has also Enlarged to make himself a bigger target,. The Priestess grows bold (and fed up with missing) and so dodges in and Inflicts Wounds on the Grey Dwarf- the Duergar survives by luck alone, but has enough about it to stick its war pick in the Clerics thigh by way of reply- that hurt.

McGyver cuts the Captain again, the Hobgoblin is now heavily wounded, and then critically wounded when Winstanley sticks his magical shortsword in its back. Grey finishes it off with a burst of Scorching Rays- just leaving the badly wounded and Enlarged Duergar who refuses to surrender.

Dirty, as is only fitting, clubs it to death with his maul.


The fight is done.

PCs 1 x Level 2, 1 x Level 3 & 4 x Level 4
Monsters 4 Hobgoblins 100 XP each, 2 Duergar 200 XP each, Dire Wolf 200 XP & Hobgoblin Captain 700 XP
XP 1700 Adjusted 3400 CR 7

The guys take a break for a well-deserved Prayer of Healing from Kaspard, and then head out to find, and then search, the rooms and chambers that their enemies exited to get to get to the fight in the hall. The guys discover a bit of loot, including a +1 Maul in the Duergar’s chamber (taken by Dirty), more importantly they discover a bunch of trade papers in the Hobgoblin Captain’s room- it seems the missing citizens of Winterhaven have already been sold to the Duergar.

The guys are too late.

More however next session.

Session #008 Ends.

Ongoing Quests- Quest #1 Kick Bloodreaver Arse- NEARLY COMPLETE, Quest #2 Find the Mages of Saruun, Quest #3 Find the Missing- with the Bloodreavers? SOLD TO THE DUERGAR, Quest #4 Find the Missing Giant Boar, Quest #5 Find the Mad Dwarf’s Crown & Quest #6 Find Vadriar the Sage.

Blimey, that’s a lot of stuff lost.

NPCs of note- Lord Padraig- ruler of Winterhaven. Randall Halfmoon- Halfling co-conspirator. Ulthand Deepgem- Missing his Giant Boar. Charrak- Kobold Scout. Various others in the Seven Pillared Hall.

Enemies of note- The Bloodreavers (if there any left) & the Duergar.

New Info- The guys are on the trail of the missing- citizens (mostly) of Winterhaven, captured by the Bloodreavers and taken to Thunderspire. The guys head to the Mountain, and then into the Labyrinth, find the Bloodreaver’s Lair- the Chamber of Eyes and then set about taking it (and them) apart. It turns out the missing have already been sold on to the Duergar.

XP Awarded-
500 Section 2) Bloodreavers!
600 Section 4) Undead in the Labyrinth.
140 Section 5) Pack Attack.
500 Section 6) The Bloodreaver Guards.
1700 Section 7) The Rest of the Bloodreavers.
3440 XP Total

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