Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Lost Mine of Phandelver with the European Union

The European Union consists of-
Bob (Serbia & the world) playing Ken Lee, Male High Elf Wizard (Folk Hero)
Christer (Sweden) playing Zyler, Male Human (Variant) Cleric of Tempus (Hermit)
Pedja (Serbia & Germany) playing Hellwhip, Male Human (Variant) Ranger (Pirate)
Simon (UK) playing Zalt, Male Half-Elf Warlock (Sailor)
Zoki (Serbia) playing Grimm, Male Human (Variant) Paladin of Tymora (Sailor)
Me- Goonalan (UK) playing everyone else (DM)

We play using Fantasy Grounds and Skype, usually once a week for approx. 3 hours.

And so-

Session #020 Wednesday 13th January 2016
Caught by the Ghoulies.

Zalt, Male Half-Elf Warlock (Sailor) Level 4
Zyler, Male Human (Variant) Cleric of Tempus (Hermit) Level 4
Grimm, Male Human (Variant) Paladin of Tymora (Sailor) Level 4
Ken Lee, Male High Elf Wizard (Folk Hero) Level 4
Hellwhip, Male Human (Variant) Ranger (Pirate) Level 4

And the full team is back in action.

The Action-

1) Retreat! Retreat!

After the encounter with the Flameskull and his Zombie minions the guys are very beat up, worst for wear is Grimm- the Paladin manages to fail two Death Saves before the guys get him back on his feet.

Flameskull.jpgFlameskull- the fiery bastard!

“Retreat! Retreat!” comes the call- from all of the guys, back to the Forge of Spells, lair of Rupert the Spectator.

Wave_Echo_8.jpgRupert’s Crib.

Rupert is, of course, pleased to see the guys- and to hear their tales of adventure; the Spectator is an enthusiastic creature, particularly because he’s been stuck in Wave Echo Cave for over half a millennia without anyone for company- he’s chatty.

Alas the guardian of the Forge has nothing interesting to say.

It takes all the healing the guys possess to get back to good health, and yet they’re keen to go on, back to the blast furnace chamber.

2) The Blast Furnace.

Wave_Echo_9.jpgThe Zombies are gone.

The guys take a good nose around the chamber, paying particular attention to the exits- nothing seems to be venturing this way. Next they they concentrate their attention on the blast furnace itself, of particular interest is the funnel at the top- the way into the blast chamber, from which the Flameskull exited previously.

After a series of cack-handed attempts Hellwhip has to fly up to the funnel to take a look within…

“Bollocks!” Cries the ranger- “the Flameskull is regenerating!”

There follows five minutes of shall we… shan’t we… a cacophony of half-cocked plans, followed by a hurried agreement to flee the chamber and head south- anything rather than hanging around here to fight the Flameskull again.

The guys are certain that holy water sprinkled on the remains of the undead creature will lay it rest- permanently, they just have to locate some- and then kill the Flameskull again, oh bugger!

3) Caught by the Ghoulies.

The adventurers head south into what must be a massive chamber, even Zalt and Ken Lee with their Darkvision can’t see the far end of this cavernous room. The place is a great feast hall, the guys seem to be located on a raised area- the top table, steps lead down into the hall proper; the cavern is littered with skeletons, the remains of some great battle fought here.

Wave_Echo_10.jpgThe Feast Hall.

Moments later, out of the dark and shadow ahead, come the Ghouls- all seven of them rushing to get to the fresh meat.


The guys react in an instant- there’s no going back the only way is to meet the Ghoul’s charge- Grimm and Zyler take guard at the front, Hellwhip and Ken Lee in the rear; Zalt quickly casts Spider Climb and scurries up the cavern wall.

Moments later the first Ghoul makes the stairs and is hit by a crossbow bolt fired by Ken Lee, Zalt’s Eldritch Blast, a javelin flung by Grimm and an arrow shot by Hellwhip- it’s very badly wounded, and yet still it closes.

Ken Lee and Zyler fire again- their crossbows thud and sing- the first Ghoul falls.

The next Ghoul up the stairs is hit by another of Grimm’s javelins (a Critical Hit), Hellwhip breaks ranks and dances forward- he slashes and leaves the Ghoul wavering using Talon his magical short sword.

The Ghoul pack follows at a rush, five more of the creatures make the stairs- and are hit by Ken Lee’s Shatter spell- one is destroyed in an instant, two others are left shaken and wounded.

The nearest Ghoul is hit by Zalt’s Eldritch Blast, Zyler and Grimm push forward- the pair slash and hammer the wounded creature- dead.

Three down.

Grimm scuttles forward again and slashes furiously with Hewer his magical greatsword- and another Ghoul is almost broken.

The Paladin pays the price, he’s clawed and left paralyzed, and exposed to further attacks.

Seconds later Grimm’s attacker is sent sprawling- dead, Ken Lee’s crossbow sings again- his dice are on fire.

Four down.

Zalt’s Dissonant Whispers leaves one of the three Ghouls still standing clutching at its skull and crawling on all fours- a moment later it flees back into the darkness, away from the nasty adventurers.

Grimm is suddenly grinning, the paralysis has worn off- that was quick.

Zyler slams his warhammer into a Ghoul, Hellwhip drops back and fires an arrow into it while Ken Lee hits with his crossbow again. Moments later Zalt’s Eldritch Blast leaves it staggering.

Zyler’s warhammer comes again and the Ghoul is sent sprawling- dead.

Effectively six down- just one left.

Grimm slashes the last Ghoul horribly, Ken Lee gets cocky and rushes into combat clutching Dawn Guard, his magical staff, before him- he thumps it hard. Zalt’s Eldritch Blast leaves the undead creature staggering- Zyler’s warhammer leaves it dead.

The fight is over.

The guys are amazed- as am I, I thought seven Ghouls would be a challenge but the PCs hardly missed an attack. Note in the write up above there’s not much talk of the Ghouls, that’s because I only mention the attacks that hit. In the entire fight the undead hit once- against Grimm, they made easily a dozen attacks, and the guys don’t have astounding ACs- lowest 16, highest 19; from memory.

PCs 5 x Level 4
Monsters 6 Ghouls 200 XP each
XP 1200 Adjusted 2400 CR 6

4) Into the Mines.

The guys wander through the massive chamber- alas there’s nothing of import, or value, to find- they take a peak down the passages exiting, and note that there is a light coming from the blast furnace chamber- it seems the Flameskull is back up and in action.

The guys head south, into a series of mine caverns.

Wave_Echo_11.jpgThe Mines.

This is the place that Mormesk told them about, the Wand of Phandalin must be around here somewhere, alas there are a lot of caverns. The guys get distracted, the find a door; they also find a blood (ichor?) trail, it seems one of the Ghouls got away- the trail heads in the general direction of the door.

No sound beyond the portal.

The guys bust in, into a barracks of sort- squatting in the midst of the chamber illuminated by Ken Lee’s light are a pair of Ghouls- not for long.

5) Caught by the Ghoulies Part 2.


The first Ghoul looks up from its meal and spots fresh meat, it charges, the second is in motion a second later; unbeknownst to the guys a third Ghoul exits the southern door of the chamber to work its way around to the adventurers. A fourth Ghoul, badly injured from the previous fight with the guys, cowers in the northernmost part of the chamber.

The first Ghoul is hit by an arrow courtesy of Hellwhip, and a javelin flung by Grimm, it rushes on and slashes at Ken Lee stood in the doorway, the Elf is saved by his Mage Armour. The Wizard takes a step back and then flings a Shatter spell into the mix, the nearest Ghoul is left barely able to stand, a moment later Zalt’s Eldritch Blast destroys the undead creature. The second is barely wounded, it rushes out of the chamber and slashes furiously at the Mage, and Ken Lee’s Mage Armour does its job again.

Zyler steps up and slams his warhammer into the foul undead, Hellwhip fires again and thumps an arrow into its neck, the creature is almost spent. Ken Lee, getting cocky now, attempts to take it down- he thumps Dawn Guard, his magical staff, into the undead, a hit but not enough to kill it, the creature slashes again, and again Ken Lee’s Mage Armour comes to the rescue.

Zalt looses another Eldritch Blast and the second Ghoul is dead.

At which point the Warlock spots a clutch of shambling figures heading towards the guys from the west- Zombies, Zalt screams at his colleagues to let them know, just as the third Ghoul comes racing up the passage from the south.


The third Ghoul is on Ken Lee in seconds, the Mage’s Shield spell momentarily engulfs him and keeps the creature at bay.

Zyler meanwhile gets to work on the Zombies, he hits the first one with his warhammer, Hellwhip and Grimm join in the beating. At which point the fourth Ghoul, previously hidden in the corner of the chamber, emerges at speed and leaps at Grimm, and fails to connect with the Paladin.

Ken Lee backs up to give himself some room- then unleashes another Shatter spell, one of the Ghouls and two of the Zombies are caught within the power’s thunderous blast.

Zalt fires another Eldritch Blast into the mix, one of the Ghouls is left barely able to stand.

The Zombies shamble forward and attack the front line- Hellwhip gets slammed.

Zyler hammer’s a Zombie down- dead, and then thumps his warhammer into the face of another.

One of the Zombies gets through Ken Lee’s defences and slams the Mage.

Hellwhip grabs out Talon, his magical short sword and sets about the Zombies, he leaves one of the undead creatures leaning heavily against a wall.

Grimm moves in top gear, slashes with Hewer and decapitates the third Ghoul- just one left, a moment later the Paladin cuts one of the Zombies in two- dead.

Ken Lee cannot effectively escape the combat, he slams Dawn Guard in the face of the Ghoul menacing him (with a Critical Hit).

A moment later and the universe is back in harmony, one of the Zombies catches Ken Lee with a hefty clout (a Critical Hit), the Mage has lost his smile.

Zalt fires yet another Eldritch Blast into the last Ghoul standing.

Hellwhip takes a punch to the face, courtesy of one of the Zombies, while Ken Lee’s Mage Armour (for the third or fourth time) saves him from a Ghoul.

Zyler smashes down one of the remaining Zombies- there are just two left, and a badly wounded Ghoul.

Hellwhip leaves another Zombie slashed to ribbons and unsteady on its feet with his twin short swords.

Grimm cuts the last Ghoul down and then turns his attention to the Zombies- he cuts another of the shambling undead in two.

There’s only one (very badly wounded) Zombie still standing.

The last member of the shambling undead is hit by a crossbow bolt courtesy of Ken Lee, and then one of Zalt’s patented Eldritch Blasts.

It’s over- the fight is won.

PCs 5 x Level 4
Monsters 4 Zombies 50 XP each & 4 Ghouls 200 XP each
XP 1000 Adjusted 2500 CR 6

The guys are all out of most everything- they have one Potion of Healing left between them, no spells- and no Hit Dice left to spend.

6) Retreat.

After a brief scout of the chamber, the guys head east- back towards a safe place to rest, en route they decide to check out one unexplored, as of yet, corridor- their map has got a blank space on it that needs filling.

Wave_Echo_13.jpgThe Storeroom.

Joy of joys, the guys find a secure storeroom; the only door they have found so far in the complex that is still serviceable and has stood the test of time. They’ve found an excellent place to rest… and so they rest.

Session #020 Ends.

Ongoing Quests- Quest #13 Explore Wave Echo Cave & Kill the Black Spider(s) & Quest #14 Find Nundro Rockseeker. Also find the Wand of Phandelver to give to Mormesk so he can induct Zalt into the Phandelver Pact. So the warlock can dismiss Rupert, the Spectator, and get acces to the Forge of Spells, and thereby release Mormesk from his torment- and in the process clean up on the XP and the treasure.

NPCs of note- Gundren Rockseeker (Patron)- RETURNED, Sildar Hallwinter (Lord’s Alliance), Elmar Barthen (Barthen’s Provisions), Toblen Stonehill (Stonehill Inn), Tilena Stonehill (Toblen’s wife), Pip Stonehill (Toblen & Trilena’s young son), Linene Graywind (Lionshield Coster), Sister Garaele (Shrine of Tymora)- WHERE IS SHE?, Harbin Wester (Townmaster), Daran Edermath (ex-Adventurer), Halia Thornton (Phandalin Miner’s Exchange), Qelline & Pip Alderleaf (Halfling female Farmer and her son), Iarno Aldbrek aka Glasstaff (the leader of the Redbrands)- DECEASED. Mirna and her kids (the dead woodcarver’s family), Agatha the Banshee & Hamun Khost, the Red Wizard of Thay. Reidoth the Brown- Druid in Thundertree. Targor Bloodseeker- King of the Cragmaw Goblins. Mormesk the Undead (???) & Rupert the Guardian (Spectator).

Enemies of note- Klarg (Bugbear Chief)- captured ESCAPED; Hobgoblins lead by Targor Bloodseeker (took Gundren)- SORTED; King Grol (Cragmaw Goblin leader)- DECEASED & the Black Spider?- a DROW or a bunch of DOPPELGANGERS? Glasstaff (Iarno Aldbrek) & the Redbrands- DECEASED. Orcs in the hills- Wyvern Tor- DECEASED OR FLED. Zombies, plant creatures and other nasties in Thundertree- DECEASED. The Cultists in Thundertree, and the Green Dragon- DECEASED. Cragmaw Castle Goblins et al- MOSTLY DECEASED. Wave Echo Cave- Flameskull- the BASTARD- DEAD! (Not quite) the Flameskull is still alive. Lots of Ghouls and undead.

New Info- Wave Echo Cave- the guys have found the Forge of Spells, and the creatures guarding it- they must find the Wand of Phandelver to claim the Forge (and a lot of treasure)- see Quests above for a better explanation.

XP Awarded-
100 Section 2) Investigating the Blast Furnace.
1200 Section 3) Ghouls in the Feast Hall.
1000 Section 5) Ghouls & Zombies in the Mines.
2300 XP Total

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