Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
Lost Mine of Phandelver with the European Union

The European Union consists of-
Bob (Serbia & the world) playing Ken Lee, Male High Elf Wizard (Folk Hero)
Christer (Sweden) playing Zyler, Male Human (Variant) Cleric of Tempus (Hermit)
Pedja (Serbia & Germany) playing Hellwhip, Male Human (Variant) Ranger (Pirate)
Simon (UK) playing Zalt, Male Half-Elf Warlock (Sailor)
Zoki (Serbia) playing Grimm, Male Human (Variant) Paladin of Tymora (Sailor)
Me- Goonalan (UK) playing everyone else (DM)

We play using Fantasy Grounds and Skype, usually once a week for approx. 3 hours.

And so-

Session #021 Tuesday 19th January 2016
Bugbears Are Go!

Zalt, Male Half-Elf Warlock (Sailor) Level 4
Zyler, Male Human (Variant) Cleric of Tempus (Hermit) Level 4
Grimm, Male Human (Variant) Paladin of Tymora (Sailor) Level 4
Ken Lee, Male High Elf Wizard (Folk Hero) Level 4
Hellwhip, Male Human (Variant) Ranger (Pirate) Level 4

The full team in action again.

The Action-

1) Rise & Shine

Today is a brand new day- and the guys are topped up after an Extended Rest, and ready and raring to go.

A brief check of spells and equipment and the fine fellows are back into the passages of Wave Echo Cave, once again it falls to Zalt and Ken Lee to do the forward exploration, the pair possess Darkvision and the guys are less keen to be seen wandering around with lit torches.

Ken Lee, mostly, leads the adventurers on- back into the mine passages.

The guys are keen to scout out the entire area, they know that the Wand of Phandelver was last seen heading in this direction, clutched in the hands of Mormesk’s apprentice- that however was over six centuries ago.

Ken Lee takes his time checking every nook and cranny, every pile of loose stone; which is how he spots the first Grick- he spots the second Grick while attempting to sneak away from the first.

Wave_Echo_11a.jpgThe Mines.

2) Gricks & Jellies.

Bugger this Ken Lee thinks and fires all three Scorching Rays into the first Grick he spotted.


The creature squeals as it burns, and is left badly wounded, while Ken Lee dashes back to safety screaming for his friends. In point of fact the wizard has time enough to grab out his crossbow, load it and then discharge it before the rest of the guys assemble, the first Grick creeps around the corner, in pursuit of the Elf and gets shot, it’s very badly injured (on 4 hit points).

The second Grick clambers across the ceiling and then beats at Zalt with its tentacles, as and when the Warlock approaches; Hellwhip sets his Hunter’s Quarry and fires an arrow into the monstrosity which squeals in pain.

The first Grick has had enough already, the subterranean terror clambers up the wall and then scoots on back the way it came, scurrying away into the darkness.

Meanwhile Zyler smashes his warhammer into the Grick menacing Zalt- it seems to be resistant to all forms of weapon damage. The Priest of Tempus shrugs and repeats the trick- he hits the Grick again, he’s a simple soul.

Zalt takes a step back and then murmurs his Dissonant Whispers- the remaining Grick, now badly injured, departs at speed, not fast enough- Zyler hits it again as it flees from the Warlock.

At which point a large wriggling pseudo-pod extends down from the ceiling of the cavern passage and attempts to slam into Ken Lee, the Elf steps aside at the last moment (I missed with advantage against the bloody Wizard). The guys look up- there’s an Ochre Jelly pulsing and quivering directly above the adventurers- that’s not good.

Ochre_Jelly.jpgOchre Jelly.

Zyler reacts in an instant, the Priest of Tempus flails at the Ooze with his warhammer and splats it against the roof of the passage, and then again.

Zalt meantime fires an Eldritch Blast into the fleeing Grick, the creature totters and almost falls off the wall it is gripping onto (reduced to 5 hit points). Grimm follows after the Warlock, to the very limit of the adventurer’s light (Zyler’s Light spell, and Ken Lee’s magical Dawn Guard staff). The Paladin of Tymora destroys the Grick with his magical greatsword- Hewer, the creature has no Resistance to his blade.

Ken Lee slams his magical staff into the Ochre Jelly, the Ooze shivers and pulsates- clearly in pain. Hellwhip shifts his Hunter’s Mark to the creature and then fires an arrow into it, the great Jelly lurches and detaches itself from the ceiling in an effort to fall upon Ken Lee- it misses (my dice (on Fantasy Grounds) are sodding broken).

A moment later Hellwhip screams in agony as a second Ochre Jelly, also on the ceiling, creeps up on him from behind and slams a pseudo-pod into the Ranger- the acid burns (for 19 damage- that hurt).

Zyler continues to slam his warhammer into the first Ochre Jelly- which seems to be coming apart now, Zalt follows up with another Eldritch Blast and the creature is all but spent (on 6 hit points). Grimm, now armed with ‘Stirgeswatter’, his self-named (and decidedly unmagical) maul (the guys have figured out with a few monster knowledge checks that slashing weapons are not the way to go with Oozes) splats the first Ochre Jelly- dead.

Ken Lee fires three Magic Missiles into the remaining Jelly, which flails- and fails to connect with Grimm (I rolled a ‘1’, I ask you…). Zyler hits it with his warhammer- the Priest of Tempus is consistent, you’ve got to give him that. Zalt hits it with another Eldritch Blast, and the second Ooze is now starting to come apart with gobbets of the muck flying everywhere with each hit or blast.

Grimm misses with Stirgeswatter, worth noting as it is the second ‘1’ in a row from the now seething Paladin.

Ken Lee’s Fire Bolt generates the same number as Grimm did on the D20.

Hellwhip doesn’t miss with his bow- the last Ooze is almost spent, although it has enough energy left to club and acid-burn Grimm, the Paladin is furious.

Zyler… warhammer… Jelly… splat- but not quite dead (3 hit points left).

Zalt finishes the thing with his patented Eldritch Blast.

The fight is over.

PCs 5 x Level 4
Monsters 2 Gricks 450 XP each & 2 Ochre Jellies 450 XP each
XP 1800 Adjusted 3600 CR 7

Note I only gave the guys 1400 XP as one of the Gricks did a runner and got away, I’m tight with the XP- and like Zyler consistent.

3) A very Short Rest.

The guys retreat back to the storeroom in which they spent the night.

Wave_Echo_13.jpgThe Storeroom.

They take a fifteen or so minute break, time enough for Zyler to bathe them all in healing light courtesy of his Prayer of Healing- the guys are all back to full health when they depart again (the bastard rolled 2d8+4 and got 17 hit points healing).

The guys head off again.

4) The Watery Grave.

The adventurers continue to search every nook and cranny, every dead end is investigated- alas there’s nothing out of the ordinary to be found. Eventually they find their way to a much larger cavern- the place seems very familiar, at least to Ken Lee.

Wave_Echo_14.jpgThe Watery Grave.

Ken Lee remembers this chamber, from his vision back when he allowed Agatha to enter his body. He remembered seeing his face reflected in the water, then transforming into a leering Skeleton reaching up to pull him into the liquid.

Ken Lee’s vision can be found here- in section 6) I had a Dream.

The Wizard takes a moment to tell again the things he saw in his dream, the guys are wary of the water; they take it in turns to scurry to the edge of the pool- in an effort to lure out whatever it is (Skeletons = undead) that lairs in the liquid.

The guys repeat the trick several times- nothing happens, the Wizard ignores his own warning and stands statue at the edge of the crystal clear water- and still nothing happens. Eventually Hellwhip points- there’s a Skeleton about ten or so feet out lying on the bed of the pool.

The guys cluster and peer, bringing all of their light sources to the fore- the Skeleton is quite possibly the remains of a human, the adventurer’s are fairly certain that Mormesk’s apprentice- the wielder of the Wand of Phandelver, was a human; they may have found their man. To make sure Hellwhip volunteers to head in to take a look, the Ranger discards his bow and blade and wades into the freezing water- then swims out to the Skeleton and digs around in the dirt to see what he can find.

As it turns out the Ranger makes three discoveries- the first is an ornate metal and crystal wand, numbers two and three are a pair of gem encrusted rings, Hellwhip pockets these last two and then turns to head back to the shore.

At which point the first Bugbear rushes into the chamber from the north east exit and flings a javelin straight into Grimm’s back.

5) Bugbears for Everyone.

Grimm squeals in pain and spins around as two more Bugbears (for three in total) attempt to repeat the trick- both of them miss (both with Advantage).


Zyler reacts in an instant, the Priest of Tempus rushes forward and slams his warhammer into the nearest Bugbear- a pair of the monsters attempt to wail on the Cleric, he keeps both of them at bay. Grimm urges his colleagues forward and screams a prayer to Tymora- his Bless spell fires up Hellwhip, Zyler and himself, the Paladin moves in.

Just in time to see Zyler nearly take a Critical Hit- I say ‘nearly’ because the (bastard) Priest of Tempus makes good use of his Luck feat and forces the furious DM to re-roll his attack- a miss. The bastard.

Ken Lee steps up and fires a Shatter spell into the pack- all three Bugbears are caught in the blast, one of the foul goblinoids is left badly hurt by the spell, and a moment later reduced to a staggering invalid when it is hit again by Zalt’s follow up Eldritch Blast.

Hellwhip emerges quickly from the water, grabs up his longbow and fires an arrow into another of the Bugbears, the maddened humanoid smashes its morningstar into Zyler by way of reply- that hurt.

At which point spilling into the chamber come another three Bugbears- that makes six!

The guys are not impressed with the DM, six is a lot of Bugbears.

The three new arrivals fling javelins as they charge in- alas all three missiles are off-target (my bloody dice).

Grimm gets into action and slashes at a Bugbear with his greatsword, he and Zyler are holding the line, although the Priest of Tempus is struggling- he’s hit again by another of the Bugbears and left staggering (on 9 hit points).

Ken Lee shapes his hands and casts Shatter for a second time- the spell rips through the Bugbears, two of the bulky goblinoids are destroyed in the thunderous discharge, a third is left barely able to stand. That’s broke them.

Hellwhip takes aim and fires twice more into the Bugbears- both hits, a third Bugbear falls while another is now very badly wounded, the creatures are beaten and even they know it now.

At which point two more Bugbears rush into the action, reinforcing their fellows and turning the tide once again.

That makes eight Bugbears, although three are down already.

The front line warriors (Grimm and Zyler) are overrun, a moment later Zyler has to disengage and retreat- his wounds are so great, a Bugbear gets through to Hellwhip and smashes the Ranger with its morningstar (for 18 damage); a second gets stuck into Grimm- the Paladin also takes a big hit (16 damage), both heroes are left badly wounded.

Three of the guys have less than 10 hit points.

Grimm ignores the pain and slices at the Bugbear before him, leaving it staggering and badly wounded.

Ken Lee’s first Magic Missile ends another of the Bugbears, he sends the last two Missiles slamming into another of the wretches.

Zalt’s Eldricth Blast and Hex combo leaves another of the Bugbears badly injured.

Hellwhip has to give ground and retreat from the enemy.

Zyler in the meantime mutters Healing Words and Grimm’s wounds are somewhat eased, the Priest saves a Cure Wounds spell for himself.

Grimm keeps on swinging, the Paladin leaves another of the Bugbears hanging onto life by a thread (on 1 hit point).

Ken Lee lets loose with another trio of Magic Missiles, and another Bugbear drops- that’s five down, just three left.

Hellwhip continues to back up, the Ranger is badly wounded and doesn’t want to get overrun again, he fires an arrow into one of the Bugbears still standing.

Zyler heads back into action, to support Grimm, the Priest smashes his warhammer twice in quick succession into the Bugbear before him- the creature is almost broken, it runs and then dives full stretch into the water.

Note the Bugbear couldn’t head back the way it came as Zyler and Grimm are in the way, the exit to the south of the chamber is too far away and also guarded by Hellwhip and Ken Lee, hence into the water.

Wave_Echo_14a.jpgBugbears for Everyone.

Grimm is thumped hard (for 14 damage) by a morningstar- clearly not all of the Bugbears have given up the fight, the Paladin is breathing hard (and on 7 hit points). The Paladin slashes back and leaves his attacker equally injured.

Ken Lee fires another three Magic Missiles into the mix- and another Bugbear drops, moments later Zalt accounts for last Bugbear on dry land with his patented Hex & Eldritch Blast technique.

One Bugbear left, and he’s in the water.

“It can’t get away” Ken Lee confidently states, and then is shamed into silence as all four of the other adventurers point to the cut in the cavern wall- there’s an opening there, in the water, clearly the Bugbear can get away.

“Kill IT!” the red-faced Wizard screams.

Hellwhip and Zyler try their best with their longbow and crossbow, respectively- both are wildly off-target.

Grimm in the meantime is Laying on Hands, on himself- he gets the full twenty hit points back, he’s shattered.

The Bugbear is still going for it, swimming as fast as it can- the guys have one last opportunity (one turn) to prevent the goblinoid from escaping.

Ken Lee’s crossbow sings and the Wizard buries a bolt in the Bugbear’s leg, not enough.

Zalt’s Eldritch Blast strikes only the cavern wall.

Grimm’s javelin misses by a mile and sinks into the water, and beyond trace.

Hellwhip fires and thumps an arrow into the Bugbears back, the creature thrashes for a moment and then swims on (on 5 hit points).

Zyler misses with his crossbow by inches.

The Bugbear ducks under the opening and swims away- it has escaped.

The fight is over.

PCs 5 x Level 4
Monsters 8 Bugbears 200 XP each
XP 1600 Adjusted 4000 CR 8

Note I only gave the guys 1500 XP, I figure they let one of the Bugbears get away.

The guys grab up their stuff and head back to the storeroom, they beat an immediate retreat.

6) Retreat.

This is only going to be a Short Rest, to allow several of the guys to spend some Hit Dice, but also to allow Ken Lee to use his Arcane Recovery; the guys however do not wish to be disturbed- they take precautions.

During the rest Zyler uses another Prayer of Healing (and rolls 17 again).

Ken Lee also spends a little while getting to know the wand that Hellwhip located, the Wand of Phandelver.

Wand_Phandelver_small.jpgWand of Phandelver.

Ken Lee has a ready supply of Magic Missiles, nice!

The players chat a while- should they head back to see Mormesk and get Zalt indoctrinated into the Phandelver Pact, this will allow the Warlock to dismiss Rupert the Spectator, and allow the guys access to the Forge of Spells; this will also allow the guys to dismiss Mormesk… Four of the adventurers are for it, the last- Zalt, is against it- the warlock explains.

“If something happens to us, or else if the Black Spider gets to the Forge and we’re not there to defend it- he (or she) can use the Forge. If Rupert is still there to guard the Forge then the Black Spider can do nothing- therefore we only do the deal with Mormesk when and if we are certain that the Black Spider is vanquished.”

There’s a recount on the vote- all five adventurers are now against returning to Mormesk for the moment.

He’s a smart lad is Zalt.

7) Let’s Try that Again.

The guys head back, back out into the mines and then back the way they came- creeping as quietly as they can, they’re on high alert- waiting for the ambush.

It doesn’t happen.

All the way back to pool chamber, and then beyond into the corridor from which all of the Bugbears came running.

Wave_Echo_15.jpgBugbear Barracks.

Ken Lee leads several of the guys over the corridor and to the chamber to the east, a barracks- to be precise a Bugbear barracks, the only oddity a stack of furniture piled against the door opposite the entrance, also to the east. The guys however have an explanation for this, they’ve been making a map, they figure the Flameskull lairs through the eastern door in the blast furnace chamber.

While a majority of the guys are searching the barracks Zalt does, for some unknown reason, a very daft thing- he heads north up the corridor. The Warlock emerges into another passage…


And finds yet more Bugbears.

Four of the creatures rush Zalt (all with advantage), two of them connect with their morningstars, and the Warlock is bloodied in an instant- his Hellish Rebuke burns one his assailants. A moment later, before the Bugbears can act again the Warlock disengages and goes running back the way he came, and eventually into cover.

There follows a very brief skirmish, with missiles whistling down the passage- Hellwhip hits once with his longbow while Ken Lee’s magical staff (and Shield spell) is all that saves the Mage from stopping a javelin.

Then shouts from the north- orders to the Bugbears and then soon after the parley begins.

8) Who are you?

The guys quickly discern that the creature shouting at them from the north, the one previously giving the orders to the Bugbears, is an Elf- or else more likely a Drow, they can tell be the accent- the Black Spider.

The conversation is short and to the point, the Black Spider first of all wants to know who the hell the guys are and what they want, the guys are happy to supply a few details.

There follows a brief chat with no conclusion- there seems to be nothing that the Black Spider can say to dissuade the guys from continuing on their quest- the two sides quickly reach an impasse.

The Black Spider orders the Bugbears to “retreat to the temple”, Ken Lee overhears this, and can understand the Goblin tongue, he lets his friends know.

A Bugbear or two rushes across the end of the corridor, one of the creatures is hit by Grimm’s javelin and three of Ken Lee’s Magic Missiles (courtesy of his new wand), the now hobbling goblinoid is left critically wounded as it scarpers to safety.

The guys are moving forward at speed, heading after the Black Spider and the retreating Bugbears.

And then the session ends, actually we were already 30 or so minutes over time, it seems the climax of the adventurer’s time in Wave Echo Cave is scheduled for the next session (very probably).

I only gave the guys 100 XP for this encounter because they didn’t manage to take down any of their enemies, and the chat with the Black Spider was very brief and not in the least bit exciting- the guys didn’t ask any questions at all.

Perhaps (hint) they may have a few questions of their own the next time they meet the Black Spider.

Session #021 Ends.

Ongoing Quests- Quest #13 Explore Wave Echo Cave & Kill the Black Spider(s)- GETTING THERE & Quest #14 Find Nundro Rockseeker. Also the Wand of Phandelver has been found and will later be given to Mormesk so he can induct Zalt into the Phandelver Pact. So the warlock can dismiss Rupert, the Spectator, and get access to the Forge of Spells, and thereby release Mormesk from his torment- and in the process clean up on the XP and the treasure.

NPCs of note- Gundren Rockseeker (Patron)- RETURNED, Sildar Hallwinter (Lord’s Alliance), Elmar Barthen (Barthen’s Provisions), Toblen Stonehill (Stonehill Inn), Tilena Stonehill (Toblen’s wife), Pip Stonehill (Toblen & Trilena’s young son), Linene Graywind (Lionshield Coster), Sister Garaele (Shrine of Tymora)- WHERE IS SHE?, Harbin Wester (Townmaster), Daran Edermath (ex-Adventurer), Halia Thornton (Phandalin Miner’s Exchange), Qelline & Pip Alderleaf (Halfling female Farmer and her son), Iarno Aldbrek aka Glasstaff (the leader of the Redbrands)- DECEASED. Mirna and her kids (the dead woodcarver’s family), Agatha the Banshee & Hamun Khost, the Red Wizard of Thay. Reidoth the Brown- Druid in Thundertree. Targor Bloodseeker- King of the Cragmaw Goblins. Mormesk the Undead (???) & Rupert the Guardian (Spectator).

Enemies of note- Klarg (Bugbear Chief)- captured ESCAPED; Hobgoblins lead by Targor Bloodseeker (took Gundren)- SORTED; King Grol (Cragmaw Goblin leader)- DECEASED & the Black Spider?- a DROW or a bunch of DOPPELGANGERS? Glasstaff (Iarno Aldbrek) & the Redbrands- DECEASED. Orcs in the hills- Wyvern Tor- DECEASED OR FLED. Zombies, plant creatures and other nasties in Thundertree- DECEASED. The Cultists in Thundertree, and the Green Dragon- DECEASED. Cragmaw Castle Goblins et al- MOSTLY DECEASED. Wave Echo Cave- Flameskull- the BASTARD- DEAD! (Not quite) the Flameskull is still alive. Lots of Ghouls and undead- All DEAD. Lots of Bugbears- some DEAD.

New Info- Wave Echo Cave- the guys have found the Forge of Spells, and the creature guarding it (Rupert the Spectator)- they have found the Wand of Phandelver and are ready to claim the Forge (and a lot of treasure)- see Quests above for a better explanation.

XP Awarded-
1400 Section 2) Gricks & Jellies in the Mine.
1500 Section 5) Bugbears for Everyone.
100 Section 8) Chatting with the Black Spider.
3000 XP Total

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