Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
The Red Larch Adventure.

The Union consists of-
Bob (Now Sweden & the world) playing Ken Lee, Male High Elf Wizard
Christer (Sweden) playing Zyler, Male Human (Variant) Cleric of Tempus
Pedja (Germany) playing Goren Naeris, Male Wood Elf Rogue aka (atm) Lord T.
Simon (UK) playing Zalt, Male Half-Elf Warlock
Zoki (Serbia) playing Grimm, Male Human (Variant) Paladin of Tymora
Me- Goonalan (UK) playing everyone else (DM)

We play using Fantasy Grounds and Google Hangouts, usually once a week for approx. 3 hours.

And so-

Session #062 Tuesday 27th December 2016
The Lord of War and the Weather!

Zalt, Male Half-Elf Warlock (Sailor) Level 7
Grimm, Male Human (Variant) Paladin of Tymora (Sailor) Level 7
Zyler, Male Human (Variant) Cleric of Tempus (Hermit) Level 7
Ken Lee, Male High Elf Wizard (Folk Hero) Level 7
Goren Naeris, Male Wood Elf Rogue (Criminal) Level 6 who looks a lot like Lord Thaelond, the ruler of Bargewright, at the moment- which is no bad thing.

The Action-

0) Here’s the PLOT.

Go here (actually just over there, to the right) for the PLOT page, this is the place that records all the events and info that has been accumulated regarding a variety of plot (maybe) points. Updated weekly- from now.

Also each week the guys will be summarising, deleting, joining together, or else adding to this list.

Oh, and yes there’s plenty going on but that’s because we’re at the start (still-ish), there’s a lot more to come which may bring some of these points together, and some of this info is just, well… info, not really plot at all.

The summaries are going to help a lot (I hope), as the guys are doing them, they will also give me the opportunity to see what they are thinking…

1) Recap in Brief.

Actually recap in very, very brief. The guys are in the Bronzehammer ruins, they’ve found (and rescued) Sir Gustav- although all but one of the party accompanying the Paladin are dead. The guys have also discovered an ancient Bronzehammer device- a spinning obelisk which Ken Lee says is a battery, a power supply for… he’s not sure what (actually he has no idea). Rowan, Sir Gustav’s bride to be is the missing member of the Paladin’s party- the guys are in the process of rescuing her, last session they bumped into (and mostly destroyed) a bunch of Devils and Undead in an equally ancient Bronzehammer Temple, defaced with images of the tentacle eye, which the guys have seen before.

Continue with the rescue…

2) The Elf & the Devil’s.


The Ancient Bronzehammer Temple.

The guys are situated in the central chamber of this ancient place, and mostly stood within the compass of Zyler’s Spirit Guardians- the Priest of War is concentrating hard to keep the spell going. One of the Devils (of the Spined variety) escaped to the north, and every now and then the guys can here Rowan’s screams coming from the same direction.

Lord Thaelond goes into deep Stealth mode (‘20’) and takes a scout around the passages while the other guys either watch his back or else quietly investigate the two closest shrines. Both shrines have been defaced (with plenty more eye images- all fairly fresh), the both however also contain ancient Bronzehammer offerings (treasure). Except for the eye images (and the wrenched open sarcophagi) the shrines have not been plundered.


The creeping Rogue eventually spots the missing Spined Devil, the creature is hiding on the ceiling of one of the passages- he does not hesitate, particularly as the Devil has not spotted him yet. Ten seconds and two arrows later and the Devil is deceased, Lord T’s colleagues arrive en masse to witness the creatures extinction- good shooting.

The guys regroup to chat and then head north- down both passages, both groups following the sound of Rowan’s muffled screams- Sir Gustav has to be held back, the guys are in cautious mode. To the northern section- to the Action (see map above).

The massive iron door looks to be incredibly difficult to open (that is until Wodger rolls a ‘20’)- the bastard.

“Who are you? What do you want?” A disembodied voice, a harsh whisper, asks as the Union wrench the door open- Ken Lee is certain that the voice is that of an Elf, unused to speaking the Common tongue, perhaps unused to speech at all.

Then the chamber is revealed.

A young male Elf stands staring at the guys, he seems surprised to see them…


At least only for a second- the Elf disappears.

The Union note the tentacled tattoo on the Elf’s forehead, the eye image both on his armour and again surrounded by fire (or similar) and before a blade on the Elf’s cloth skirt.

Now the Elf has gone (although it takes a good long while for the guys to finally reach the conclusion that the Elf has indeed gone) the Union can see a pair of foul Bearded Devils guarding a beautiful Elf (“Rowan!” Sir Gustav screams). Alas Rowan is dying. It seems the Devils have been drowning the woman in a vast cauldron at the very back of the chamber (the grate on the map).

I roll ‘3’ and ‘7’ for Initiative for my guys- that doesn’t help- although as it turns out both Devils get in there attacks. The fight that follows is fast and furious, it doesn’t help matters that Grimm connects with a ‘20’ and then adds a bunch of extra damage in with his Divine Smite (and then rolls incredibly high on every dice).

The Devils do not last long, although long enough to bloody Grimm and Zyler- they hit hard.

Zyler saves Rowan with a Healing Word, Sir Gustav grabs his fair maiden and then the battle (very soon after) is won.

PCs 5 x Level 7
Monsters Rescue Rowan 200 XP & 2 Bearded Devils 700 XP each
XP 1600 Adjusted 3200 CR 7

Rowan alas cannot speak, she has been tortured it seems for a good long while; the Union is a fury of activity- Lord T and Ken Lee are sent out to hunt down the disappeared Elf down, Zalt examines the fallen Devil and the chamber- for clues, while Zyler and Grimm do their best to heal and revive Rowan.

And so it goes for a while- until Zalt is certain that this chamber bares a close resemblance to the one the guys found much earlier in the Pale Gnoll’s lair, this after the attack on the Rusty Gorgon Inn (that was a very long time ago). At that time the Union also found a cauldron full of foul soup (used in some sort of ritual they divined back in the Gnoll’s lair), there’s a similar cauldron here (it contains severed and part eaten body parts)- this is the liquid that Rowan was being drowned in. The area is also covered in more images of the tentacled eye.

Grimm and Zyler have done enough for Rowan, the female Elf just needs rest, and warmth, and perhaps to see the light of day and understand that her physical suffering is over. The guys are keen to head back to the surface, as is Sir Gustav, very soon (see below).

And, at last, Ken Lee and Lord T are finally convinced that the Elf didn’t just disappear, he in fact teleported away- possibly far away. The Wizard is very disappointed, he’s not blasted anything in ages… and the disappearing Elf is very possibly a Necromancer, and very possibly capable of high level magic.

Ken Lee smells a spellbook.

Ken Lee collects dead Mage’s spellbooks.

They make him giggle to himself.

The Union also locate a good amount of treasure here, all of the ancient offerings that have survived the ravages of time- they shovel the stuff into their Bag of Holding. Amongst the finds is a note, in a code the guys have seen (and failed to crack) before-


New Coded Note.

Zalt rejoices, this note has a number of words with repeated letters (like ‘oo’, ‘ee’, ‘dd’ etc.), the Warlock is fairly certain that he will have the code cracked soon enough, and so it proves- see the end of this report for translations.

3) The Bronzehammer Tomb.

And so the guys decide to head back to the surface, although… Sir Gustav did say something about knowing the location of the Halls of the Hunting Axe, although the Paladin is starting to question his research- having watched his party die he’s of the opinion that he is a ‘failed’ adventurer.

Regardless, en route to the surface, the guys decide to first pay a visit to the location that Sir Gustav was trying to get to, the Halls of the Hunting Axe, they’d really kick themselves if they didn’t take a look.

The place turns out alas to be just another Bronzehammer Tomb, this one is inhabited- Lord T creeps silently into the chamber, spots the bodies of several fallen Dwarves- Zombies he fears, although nothing else untoward. Moments later Zyler strides in and literally wakes the dead…


A Dwarven Wight wrenches himself free of his tomb, and in his mother tongue declares himself to a Bronzehammer Lord, and calls the Union a bunch of ‘treasure seekers’ and ‘thieves’.

It gets to fighting awfully quickly, half-a-dozen or more Dwarf Zombies rise up and start Slamming the guys, while a little later on two Dwarven Specters make their appearance. The guys make short work of the enemies, although they also soak up a fair bit of damage. It helps that Zyler is content to stand in the centre of the chamber with his holy symbol of Tempus aloft, blasting the creatures with his Turn Undead. The chanting Priest’s power either terrifies or destroys.

The fight is easily won.

PCs 5 x Level 7
Monsters 8 Zombie Dwarves 50 XP each, 2 Specter Dwarves 200 XP each & Wight Dwarf 700 XP.
XP 1500 Adjusted 4500 CR 8

It was all over too quickly- much too quickly from this side of the DMs screen.

Oh guys if you wanted a chance to talk to a Bronzehammer Lord about, well… Bronzehammer stuff, well- you just missed it. Shame really, this guy had loads of stuff to tell you…

The Union grab a little treasure, including a sack full of coins (and other stuff) hidden in a dry well, and then hot-foot it back to the surface.

It’s still snowing- which is good, winter’s here at last.

4) Rowan’s Story.

Alas it is too late to head back to Womford now, it would take six hours on a clear road to return to the town, with two feet of snow on the ground then that time could be doubled. The guys decide to creep back into the Bronzehammer ruins, set a guard and make a concerted effort to rest themselves and do what they can to heal Sir Gustav and Rowan.

Rowan makes good progress with her recovery, before the Union take to their beds she is well enough to tell the guys her tale of her time alone in the dungeon.


Rowan (Sir Gustav’s bride-to-be).

In short- Rowan was separated from the rest of her party by the Wraith that was chasing them, Sir Gustav had sped off at this point rushing after several other members of the party who had fled in terror from the Undead creature. Rowan, for some reason she now cannot explain, seemed to think that she too was following after Sir Gustav, although every now and then she was certain that the creature she was following was not Sir Gustav but instead the armoured Elf that later was in charge of torturing her (the one that disappeared).

Rowan was very quickly confused, she eventually stumbled into the ancient desecrated Bronzehammer Temple, and was there captured by the Devils and Undead.

And then the questions and the torture began, slowly at first, but it got worse…

The Elf was in charge, the Devils did the torturing, and the talking- the Elf it seems would control the fiends with his mind, and communicate with them in the same way.

Rowan told them everything they asked, and more- the Devils began by asking about the group she was with, they did not believe her when she named her fellow adventurers, and in particular their leader- Sir Gustav. The Devils asked her innumerable times for the name of the leader of her group- they very clearly expected her to offer them another name.

The Devils were likewise unconvinced about the direction of Sir Gustav’s party- they did not believe her for a second when she told them it was to locate the Halls of the Hunting Axe, Rowan suspects from what the Devil’s said they thought Sir Gustav was hunting them…

And so it spiralled into pain and oblivion- Rowan could tell the Devils nothing that would satisfy them.

At which point Ken Lee makes it perfectly plain that the Elf (and his minions) was very probably looking for the Union.

This point doesn’t go down that well, Rowan is doubly distraught to understand that she was captured and tortured for… nothing, in error.

The only other nugget the guys manage to prise out of Rowan is the name, or rather title, of the disappearing Elf- both of the Devils referred to him as the ‘Lord of War’.

Hang on- the guys have heard that name before… can they remember when?

If they do I’ll write the answer here…

The guys rest easy for the night.

Morning comes and it is still snowing, although only gently now- the Union sets out for the long and cold journey back to Womford, victory but at a price.

5) The Bloody Strange Weather.

Six freezing hours later and… bloody hell!


I mean… bloody hell- the snow on the road, over the course of fifty or so feet, is suddenly gone- what’s more outside the snow line the temperature is markedly higher- around 4-5 degrees C. Stranger still the much better weather continues for a mile or so and then, as swiftly turns into snow- and gets deep very quickly.

The guys take a break, the journey is halted for extended investigations- particularly by Ken Lee and Zalt, the rest of the guys offer assistance when and if they can.

The academic pair come to following conclusions- a very local cold weather system hangs over the Bronzehammer Ruins, another encompasses Womford and Bargewright (probably- they can’t see that far). The point is these two weather systems are magical in nature- conjured, summoned, however it is best described.

The weather is not fixed- it is in fact incredibly broken, someone or something is controlling it.

Which is confusing.

It takes another four hours for the guys to make it all the way to Womford, but that’s for next time.

6) The Coded Notes.

Remind me to give you guys some XP for this next session.

Note #1, found on Larrakh, the Stone Priest worshipped and obeyed by the Believers in the ancient (Bronzehammer?) tunnels beneath Red Larch- home to a bunch of Moving Stones.


In translation-

send more
who are these
what do they

And Note #2, found in the Bronzehammer ruins, in the same chamber as the disappeared Elf, the Lord of War.


In translation-

Lord W
we need more
D and D
create more
we are not
ready yet
to attack

More about these in the next session, no doubt.

Session #062 Ends.

Ongoing Quests- Quest #1 Get the Pitchblende safely & secretly to Red Larch (COMPLETE), then meet up with Strom Halifax- get it authenticated, sell it and then return home- easy job. Quest #2 Explore Dhol Kuldhir- find the ‘door at the end’. Quest #3 Find Savra, Lady Lara’s Sister- with the Flying Knights. Quest #4 Find Goren (who is Lord Thaelond really) Quest #5 Go find Sir Gustav AND ROWAN (COMPLETE).

NPCs of note- Gundren & Nundro Rockseeker (Patron, again), Sildar Hallwinter (Lord’s Alliance), Sister Garaele (Shrine of Tymora)- GRIMM’S SQUEEZE, Halia Thornton (Town Master & Phandalin Miner’s Exchange- ZHENT?). Mags O’Mara (Triboar), Oggnog the Smith (Triboar) & Gable, of Gable’s Stables (Triboar). Sgt. Beavis & his men at Black Maw Bog Bridge. The Popper family & Gordo at the Rusty Gorgon. Sister Gallafrey (& the Pilgrims of Chauntea). The Village of Westbridge= More Owlman! Avarthel- Druid of the Land, southern Dessarin.

NPCs of note in Red Larch- Phaendra Chansyrl (Curvy in leather), Imdarr (Priest of Tempus & Gauntlet), Endrith Vallivoe (Junk shop owner & Harper), Mangobarl Lorren (Baker), Ghilee (Serving wench at the Swinging Sword), Constable Harburk (the Butcher, and the law), Ironhead (Ironhead Arms), Kayleesa & Ghilee (Owner, and Serving Wench, at the Swinging Sword), Gaelkur (Fence- buys gems etc.), Minnie & Pell Mhandyver (Poultry & Ghost Stories)- kindly old lady and her granddaughter. Elak Dornen (Quarry owner). Ilmeth Waevlur & Albaeri Mellikho (Rich men in Red Larch), also Baragustas (mad Old Guy), Braelen (Ilmeth’s son) & Grund (Pickle selling Thug). Larmon (Shepherd- saved his life).

NPCs of note in Womford- Tharrma (Proprietor of the Green Apple Inn), Morlin Coalhewer (of Morlin’s Smithy), Brother Derny (Shrine of Lathander), Sertiernen the Wise (Harper & Wizard), Captain Soranna Anitah (leader Womford Watch), Kellin Shadowbanks (proprietor of The Old Bridge Inn), Jarett North (of Jarett’s Sundries), Drathgur (Ferryman), Sterrel (of Sterrel’s Provisioners), Avarthel the Druid & Squire Welch aka Sqwelch- Protectors of the Land! Speaker Westron- Mayor, of sorts, of Womford. High True Trader Denaris, of the Church of Waukeen (Patron for Quest #5 find Sir Gustav). Sir Gustav (Paladin of Waukeen), Squire Conrad, and his groupies- Galder (RIP), Ren (RIP), Bryn (RIP) & Cora (RIP), Kessa Landau, Eshala (RIP), Ulf (RIP), and Rowan..

NPCs of note in Bargewright- Lord Thaelond (Ruler), Lady Lara (nice Horse- looking for her sister, Lady Savra), Foo Yung (with stone mask)- RIP, Staunch (fat bloke), Lord Slather (furious Gnoll), Captain Hargas (older Hobgoblin), Carl Drogo (thick-set Barbarian), Baron Ballbag (drunk Goblin), Killshot (dextrous Halfling), Kal’Zerth (mysterious Drow- with a history, see session #49), Lord Klarg (Familiar Bugbear- see previous adventure in Phandalin), Gershwin Chimbly (contract Assassin?), Red Malik (tough guy), Vran Diddly (jokey & drunk Duergar). Bloodletter (Orc Chieftain), Telos (crap Wizard- with face exchanging ritual).

COOL Sidekicks- Wodger, the Stone Dwarf.

Enemies of note- Gnolls, including (odd-looking) hard-to-kill pale Gnolls. Goren has enemies- the Greymen. Oreioth the Necromancer & his undead- DEAD. The Necromancer of Lance Rock’s “Great Eye”? Goblins? Ilmeth Waevlur & Albaeri Mellikho (Rich men in Red Larch), also Baragustas (mad Old Guy), Braelen (Ilmeth’s son) & Grund (Pickle-selling Thug), and the bad men in the Temple of the Moving Stones, including Larrakh- mostly all dead. VERY BAD Tiamat worshipping Kobolds- strange Hobgoblins, a Bugbear Lord (Wizard?). Gargoyles? Ankhegs- BASTARDS! More Goblins. GHOULS & GHASTS- BASTARDS!

COOL Enemies of Note- Trimat, the Chimera & Dick and Dom, the Ettin.

New Info- Investigate the massive Bronzehammer stone obelisk that unleashes bursts of sonic terror, it’s a battery- of sorts. More chatter with Sir Gustav and Kal’Zerth- then on to rescue the Paladin of Waukeen’s intended- Rowan. En route take a beating from a bunch of Zombie Dwarves, each host to a Dark Tentacle, also harried by a Shadow Skull; victory but at a price- flee to the surface. It’s snowing- winter is here; rest- and then back down again. Into an ancient Bronzehammer Temple, desecrated with signs of ‘the eye’, kill more undead while being hassled by Devils, Rowan is still alive- you can hear her screaming. Next time- ONWARDS!

XP Awarded-
1600 Section 2) The Elf & the Devil’s.
1500 Section 3) The Bronzehammer Tomb.
200 Section 4) Rowan’s Story.
200 Section 5) The Strange Weather.
3500 XP Total

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