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This wiki seeks to record the activities of a number of adventuring groups (three at present) playing 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. The first group, known as the European Union (or The EU)- my primary game, I DM usually once/week using Fantasy Grounds and Skype, the players are dotted all over europe. The second group, known as the Noobs- who only started last week (5/10/15), are a bunch of students- I work in higher education, none of whom had ever rolled an odd-shaped dice before. We play, or rather intend to play, one night a week also- although around the table this time. The third group, also noobs, are yet more students- see the Noob campaign page for more details.

UPDATE (3/12/15) A fourth group now exists, although group is the incorrect nomenclature, my friend James has decided that he also wants to get in with the 5th edition action, see the Old School Campaign below.

The first two groups, at present, are making their way through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, my intention- having spent considerable time thoroughly reading and prepping the adventure was to get the most out of my work- why not double my pleasure by putting two groups through the mill.

And so it came to pass, what follows are the words and pictures to accompany each session of play. Note, my main group of players know about this site, the noobs do not- this is not because I am cruel and heartless, it’s because I don’t want the group that has only just started their adventure to read ahead and know what is coming next. I may open the wiki to all of the players at a later stage.

And so depending on which bunch of adventurers you want to read about, go here-

The EU Campaign.

Playing: #2 The Red Larch Adventure (Various Publishers on Fantasy Grounds).

1. Lost Mine of Phandelver (WOTC on Fantasy Grounds).

Or, here-

The Noob Campaign.

Note there are two noob groups now.

Scratch that, as of this week (2nd May 2016) there are now three Noob groups, although this latest incarnation is in reality an amalgam of the previously existing two groups, they are the SuperNoobs- see below for their adventures with Dragons.

Noobs Playing: NA

Noobs have Completed:
1. Lost Mine of Phandelver (WOTC)

Noob B Team Playing: NA

Noob B Team have Completed:

1. Bandit’s Nest (Dungeons on Demand),
2. Forgotten Tomb (R&D Adventures),
3. Mischief Makers (Dungeons on Demand) &
4. Glitterdoom (Goodman Games)


The SuperNoobs Playing: Hoard of the Dragon Queen (WOTC).

Or else, here-

The Old School Campaign.

James (Old School) is now playing two groups of adventurers-

Old School POL Playing: Thunderspire Labyrinth (WOTC- 4e Conversion on Fantasy Grounds)

Old School POL Completed:
1. Keep on the Shadowfell (WOTC- 4e Conversion on Fantasy Grounds)

Old School Phandalin Mob Playing: Keep on the Borderlands- Caves of Chaos (version)



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