This is an odd one, my mate James has decided that he wants to play 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, but I’m pretty busy and quite frankly all the guys we normally play with around the table have drifted off into grown-up lives.

James is one of the group of players I used to DM in the adventurers written up on Obsidian Portal HERE.

James always tried to play the smart guy, making up for his deficiencies in life- kidding.

And so one fine day drunken night I introduced James to my friend Fantasy Grounds, and so it came to pass about about a week later that me and James found ourselves playing our way through KOTS, in short 30 minute stages. This isn’t roleplaying then, we’re content to repeat the adventures written up in the Points of Light Campaign (see above), only in a 5th edition stylee.

James works from home, although his main form of employment, after years of close observation I can disclose, seems to be something involving the consumption of massive amounts of Jaffa cakes- what a job. James has no partner, and no children- take a moment to imagine that if you will.

And so together we adapted the characters employed in our 4th edition Points of Light Campaign into 5th edition PCs, I very briefly rewrote each encounter (actually I just swapped out the monsters for 5e equivalents), and in the order we played them in our original campaign, and then over hours and days- in 20-30 minute bursts we played out the fights (on Fantasy Grounds).

This is how it went.

Simple as, now see below.

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And then for some reason, which I have yet to recall, we also started playing a version of Keep on the Borderlands- Caves of Chaos in which all the monster lairs are dotted around the landscape; from memory I think the idea was this gang of adventurers were clearing out the local monstrous humanoid tribes around Phandalin. This after the EU campaign guys cleared out Wave Echo Cave in the Lost Mine of Phandalin adventure… I think that was the idea.

So these are just a bunch of lair assaults in which James (playing all the PCs as usual) just launches a party of adventurers into a variety of monstrous humanoid’s lairs. Y’know, for fun.

The Old School Caves of Chaos D&D 5th Ed. Campaign.
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