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This is the home of all the various bits of plot and other information you have picked up on your adventures since leaving Phandelin. Note, I am only just starting to build this section, next session in game is #063, the next session I will add here is #063.

A Diary of Events- the action since leaving Phandelin. Update #062

The Main Quest

The Pitchblende Delivery Update #054

Side Quests & other Info.

What’s with the bloody strange Weather? Update #062

Looking out for the The Great Eye? Update #062

The Bronzehammer Dwarves (inc. Halls of the Hunting Axe) Update #062

The Masked Men, the Believers- Cultists in Red Larch. Update #062

What are the Stones that Move? Update #061

Kal’Zerth and the Drow. Update #060

Who or what are the Pale Gnolls? & Pale Hobgoblins? Update #055

Who are the Vraath family? Update #054

What’s with all the Humanoid Tribes in the Valley? Update #053

Is it a Bird? Update #053

Are we going to the Ironwrought in Bargewright? Update #052

Who is the Lordly looking Bugbear? Update #052

Tiamat? Update #052

Where is Lady Lara’s Missing Sister- Savra? Update #047

What are the Emerald Enclave up to? Update #045

The other Grimm- who are the Seven Dwarves? Update #042

Who are the Greymen? Update #030

Where are the Zhent? Update #028

Where is Rundreth Manor? Update #028

Meet the Knights of Samular at Summit Hall. Update #028

Character Quests.

Goren Character Quest- Goren is Wanted! As is Lord T! Update #054


Where are the Halls of the Hunting Axe? Update #053
Note- new info stored under the Bronzehammer Dwarves above.

Quick Links to the actual Sessions.

Session 24 To Triboar.
From Phandelin to Triboar through the snow & ice, tough going with a Ghoul attack one dark night just beyond Conyberry.

Session 25 Gnolls in the Rusty Gorgon.
On to Triboar, rest and meet faction friends- Goren receives a warning. Into the Dessarin Valley to the Rusty Gorgon- attack on the Inn by the Pale Gnolls. The weather’s nice…

Session 26 Rescue Gordo.
Kill the Pale Gnolls, meet the mad Druid Jaume, and then head off to the Gnoll’s lair to rescue Gordo.

Session 27 Grimm’s Curvy Fruit.
Flee the (Pale) Gnolls, then return rested to investigate lair- empty, although, rest for a day and sort out Rusty Gorgon. On to Westbridge and beyond- big birds and prospectors.

Session 28 Red Larch.
Prospectors = Jackalwere’s. On to Red Larch, put the Pitchblende into storage- meet the locals, rumours of Bandits on the road just out of town.

Session 29 The Bandits.
Kill or capture the Bandits, the prisoners escorted to gaol, discover that there are yet more Bandits in a nearby cave- head there and the attack begins.

Session 30 The Union.
Deal with Bandits- find the Wanted poster for Goren, listen to tales of the Greymen, and discover the truth about Goren. Back to Red Larch for a ghost story, then on into the Vraath Tomb- make promises to the ghost and take the test.

Session 31 Lance Rock.
Complete the Vraath Tomb, then back to Red Larch for more info. Grimm & Zyler speakers at the Winter Solstice (later). Kayleesa reveals rumours about Lance Rock, also Dornen’s Quarry. To Lance Rock & cave with Zombies!

Session 32 Beholder Riding & Inspiration Points.
Many more undead in the caves at Lance Rock- and a Necromancer, Oreioth, with a Zombie Beholder, capture the guy and then chatter about the ‘Great Eye’.

Session 33 The Bonus Session.
Ambushed by Goblins that have been following the guys since the Vraath Tomb. Back to Red Larch to learn about Ironwrought competition from Ghilee, Ken Lee’s ‘special friend’.

Session 34 Unbelievers!
Sermons for the Winter Solstice, in Red Larch, bring the house down- secret chamber discovered, several (rich) townsfolk revealed as cultists. Below, ancient Dwarven tunnels- vermin, and violent humans wearing stone masks.

Session 35 The Temple of Moving Stones.
More stone masked assailants, lead by Grund. Dead bodies found. Old man Baragustas surrenders, Believers worship the Moving Stones, things good until Larrakh turned up. Finale in the Temple- find coded letter.

Session 36 The Believers & Tricklerock.
Investigations into the Believers, the cult in the Temple of Moving Stones. Gaelkur flees Red Larch, the weather is still good; go looking for more info- flying creatures & the Vraath. Then into Tricklerock Cavern- Stirges & Quartz.

Session 37 Goodbye to Red Larch.
Exit Tricklerock Cavern, ambushed by Frostshield Orcs- track fleeing Frostshield’s, slay them. Red Larch, final farewells then depart for Womford (and Ironwrought)- Grimm takes Phaendra. Rescue shepherd from Wolves en route.

Session 38 Avarthel’s Kobold Story.
Larmon, the rescued shepherd- stories of strange flying creatures. Camp in Cairn Woods- meet Avarthel the Druid (and Ogres), tales of odd Kobold behaviour, & other activities- including more flyers, Pale Hobgoblins, and odd Bugbear Lord?

Session 39 Kobold War.
Check through the surface buildings, Kobolds have Eye tattoos, worshippers of Tiamat? Descend into ancient Dwarven complex- Rats, Drakes and a shit ton of Kobolds.

Session 40 Gone in 48 Seconds.
The entire session spans eight rounds of action, the guys destroy the Kobolds- including plenty of Winged variants, and a pair of Wyrmpriests. Oh, and a Troll- that’s right, the Kobolds had a Troll.

Session 41 Behold Trimat!
Retreat and guard exit- Trimat, Chimera attacks, then flees. Negotaite Kobold survivors- Manticore riding Bugbear Lord converted tribe to Tiamat. Letter from ‘the Eye’- guard Trimat. Place originally built by Bronzehammer Dwarves. To Womford.

Session 42 Womford Chatter.
Womford at last, or as it was known ‘Ironford’, the Bronzehammers were here. Meet Sqwelch- hear about nasty Goblins in tower, seen Gargoyles. There are two Grimm’s it seems. Chatter with Avarthel- Humanoid activity.

Session 43 Fire & Acid.
More chatter in Womford- keep an eye on the Ironwrought. Trip out with Lizardman Sqwelch to kill Goblins, attacked by Ankhegs en route, Eye symbol in lair. Then on to attack Goblins and Worgs at tower.

Session 44 Taking the Tower- Sqwelch’s Plan.
Hobgoblins and Ettin (Dick & Dom)- flees. The tower is taken, finally. Messages delivered by Gargoyles- as Sqwelch said, find a note- (info next session). Sqwelch’s Plan- Gargoyle is hurt bad- it flees Lizardman in pursuit. Guys back to Womford.

Session 45 Ironwrought.
Womford chatter, Avarthel has plenty to say- Emerald Enclave, Humanoid activity, the Eye, the Gargoyles, lastly the Vraath. To Bargewright for Ironwrought- market, gambling & then Goren disappears, Lord Thaelond is on hand for the Bull Riding.

Session 46 Raging Bull!
The Ironwrought event #1 Bull Riding- 1st Lord Thaelond, 2nd Kal’Zerth (the Drow) & 3rd Zyler (bloody hell). Foo Yung (the Monk) wears a stone face mask- odd; alas he gets killed by the Bull. Lots more fun and games including Whack-a-Kobold. The next day gambling begins on event #2 Let’s Play Darts.

Session 47 Let’s Play Darts!
Ironwrought Event #2- Let’s Play Darts, (Lord) Klarg is back. F**k me but Zyler wins, Lord T is 2nd, and Grimm joint 3rd. Lord T is leading the competition. Lots of chatter with humanoids about- the Bugbear Lord, flying things, and the Eye- score! Meet Lady Lara- missing her sister, discover Goren has left Bargewright. Then the Spiders attack…

Session 48 Beneath Bargewright.
Fight the Spiders, then into the cellars- a Dwarven mine, odd Kobolds (Diseased or Poisoned?). Ken Lee brings the house (ceiling) down- repeatedly. More Kobolds and nasty pits…

Session 49 The Bronzehammer & the Drow.
More Kobolds, more Traps and more collapsing ceilings- Ken Lee to thank. Mimic & Water Weird ambush, then Zalt summons Wodger, tales of the Bronzehammers. Meet Kal’Zerth (again), the Drow have a (sob) story to tell- can they be trusted?

Session 50 The Big Bloody Spider!
More questions for Kal’Zerth and the Drow, eventually an agreement- the guys will enter Dhol Kuldhir after victory in the Ironwrought. First a Big Bloody Spider- Zyler’s dice are broken (official). Back to the surface- more chatter about the Drow, the Humanoid tribes in the Valley, the Gargoyles, the Bronzehammers, cult activity, etc.

Session 51 The Ironwrought Finale Part One.
Ken Lee’s Identify spell reveals Kal’Zerth and the Drow were probably telling the truth about the Bronzehammers. More buying and selling at the Market, more Gambling, then Event #3 of the Ironwrought, the finale, the Fight OFF! Ken Lee, Zyler (Wow!) and Zalt are knocked out.

Session 52 The Ironwrought Finale Part Two.
The Fight OFF! Zyler kills Baron Ballbag, Lord T defeated, Grimm into final, beats (just) Bloodletter, saves the Orc Chief’s life- makes a friend. Final Ironwrought results 1st Grimm, 2nd Lord T, 3rd Zyler. Lots of chatter with Bloodletter, et al- Lord K, the Humanoids and the Gargoyles, a Black Dragon, Gaelkur and Lord Klarg. Oh and Lord T is Goren- his secret is out.

Session 53 More Bloody Plot.
It’s snowing! In search of Goren (Lord T) in Womford, on the trail- meeting with the High True-Trader (Sir Gustav is missing, found the Halls of the Hunting Axe). Goren (Lord T) may have been taken by Wharf Rats (Leader = Gaelkur), he’s Wanted. Council meeting- catch up on plot- Humanoid threats, Sqwelch & Gargoyles, history of the Bronzehammers & the Vraath Curse!

Session 54 Rescue Sir Gustav.
Womford docks meet Wharf Rats (and Gaelkur)- bad men have Goren (Lord T) upriver at Rivergaard ( Vraath ruin) in Sumber Hills, ten days away. Bad men are after the Union. High True-Trader- Strom wont be here for ages, take the job to rescue Sir Gustav. Set out n the morning, arrive for attack by Stone Guards and Pale Gnoll (and others).

Session 55 Zyler, Destroyer of Worlds.
Interview Squire Conrad- Sir Gustav and groupies headed in, Gnoll prisoner screams “Lord of War”. Guys go after Sir Gustav, ancient Bronzehammer ruins- first dead body & Skeletons, second dead body & Wraith (Ken Lee hurt bad), third dead body Traps & Wraith again.

Session 56 Smells Like Dungeoneering.
Continue delve into the Bronzehammer ruins, in search of Sir Gustav and the Halls of the Hunting Axe- more Traps and another body found, then Giant Spiders and Ettercaps, later discover Sir Gustav split the party- follow on into abyss chamber- Undead and Swarms. Plot free session- just plenty of fighting.

Session 57 Down Down Deeper & Down.
More wanderings in the Bronzehammer ruins, eventually descend into the abyss- into ancient mines, get lost for a while and ambushed by Skeletons. Rest the night- Level up, then down again into even more ancient mines- Ghouls attack. Still chasing Sir Gustav.

Session 58 Ghastronomy.
No plot- only action. The guys are unsure which direction Sir Gustav headed, they therefore destroy the cavern and its contents trying to find out. On into an empty chamber, with a bent brass candelabra and a drain; seconds later the Ghouls and Ghasts arrive. It gets very bloody.

Session 59 The Enemy of my Enemy is my Enemy.
A brief rest the down the Drain (Rats!) and into the Underdark- crazed Troglodytes attack, follow the sound of screams deeper in, into a fight between Stone Fist (and Masked) Monks and Drow, the latter have Sir Gustav. Eventually battle through (and kill the Monks) the Drow are lead by Kal’Zerth.

Session 60 The Cursed Bronzehammers.
The fighting continues, in a chamber with a massive spinning obelisk (a Moving Stone) sending out sonic bursts, the attackers more Stone masked men (and a Bulette). The guys survive (just) to hear Sir Gustav & Kal’Zerth’s stories.

Session 61 Rescue Rowan.
More investigations of the obelisk- see the Moving Stones and the Bronzehammers. Also the bad guys (Stone Knight etc.) were definitely looking for ‘Grimm’- the Union? To the exit- rescue Rowan (Sir Gustav’s intended) en route, beaten by Undead- flee to the surface. It’s snowing- winter is here, the weather is fixed. Back in to rescue Rowan, ancient Bronzehammer temple covered in symbols of the eye- Devils and more Undead.

Session 62 The Lord of War and the Weather!
The Union find Rowan beyond the metal door- within an Elf (the Lord of War) that disappears, more Devils die- Rowan is rescued. More evidence of the Eye, and another note. Last stop the supposed Halls of the Hunting Axe- no cigar. To the surface, Rowan’s story- the bad guys were after the Union? To Womford- the weather is being controlled.

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